you can tell the size of your pastor’s wallet by the shoes on his feet

i always find it weird when pastors get to flexin’.
you’re supposed to be preaching the good word,
but your entire outfit costs more than your flock’s rent.
don’t even get me started on the vehicle.
some of them even wanted airplanes.

so there is a new ig calling folks out.
it’s called “preachersnsneakers“.
i know.
it’s dedicated to calling out pastors and their expensive footwear

isn’t that weird?
yeezys tho?
most pastors have expensive taste like celebs,
but i’m always left to wonder

When is it crossing the line?

is it okay for them to rock expensive kicks?
or would an expensive suit be better?
i think we allow pastors to get carried away.
the first thing they’ll say is:

God blessed me to get the whole bag

…but is it always sincere?

lowkey: would we take a pastor serious with these on…

and driving this…


pictures via: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “you can tell the size of your pastor’s wallet by the shoes on his feet”

  1. Shoes/clothes don’t make the man!! I’m glad I’m cheap, I like a nice sneaker, shoes wear out quickly most of the time so why spend ridiculous amounts of money on them?? Once the newness wears off I’m ready for a new pair.

  2. Scammers. If they were really about doing good, they’d invest that money into their local schools that are getting shut down, paving down crackhouses to make community centers and helping congregation members who live from paycheck to paycheck. A pastor is supposed to serve his community. Not live like a king off of the offering.

    1. And sadly, that is just what they do. Either the congregation is too stupid or they just don’t seem to care. but if I’m struggling from paycheck to paycheck, giving tithes, and my Pastor/Reverend/Bishop rolls up in an Escalade/Bentley/Benz/BMW/Range Rover…he will hear it from me, and I will no longer be attending that church.

      I stopped going to church a long time ago when I would see things that made me say…this is a hypocrite preaching. He is just saying what he knows the idiots in this room want to hear…aside from being a one-time big-time dope dealer. Got out of the big house and went to the Lord’s house to continue the scam. LOL

  3. What’s the point in them calling pastor’s out now. Theyre pretty much still going to continue to invest to the religious cult they call holy grounds anyways. Preaching to the choir much?

  4. Black people could stand to be a lot less religious. Take that 10% and put it in a high interest savings or CD account. With that money one can buy their own $1500 sneakers or put a down payment down on their dream home. The choice is up to the beholder.

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