you can get pretty far in life if you’re white and scammer

it amazes me how folks fall for blatant scammer shit.
all it takes is a high follower count and a pretty picture.
for gays it can lead to dms like:

“Send me 200 and I’ll send you a private video”

…only to get nada after the cash app clears.

it’s all really sad when you think about it.
so last night,
i watched a documentary on netflix about the dreadedfyre festival.
it was called “fyre“…

 it was about a jackal named billy mcfarland

…who scammed thousands out of idiots who were bored with their money.
with ja rule‘s randomness,
he wanted to throw a coachella-type of a festival on an island in the bahamas.
he was able to finagle rich white kids out of 10k+.
they thought they would be doing this type of shit:

they didn’t get what they paid for tho.
instead they got fema tents,
prison food,
and ptsd.

the way how he pulled off the scam was actually brilliant,
but what bothered me the most was the white privelege involved.
billy was able to get millions in investments just off being white and charming.
even after getting caught,
folks didn’t banish him at all.
it was wild to me.
if blacks even tried that kind of stunt,
they’d want background check after background check.
for white jackals to scam an entire nation,
it comes rather easy because they come with connects.
it really bothered me coming from a creative standpoint tho.
if most of us were white,
with the same oppurtunties and connections,
i’m sure many of us could have our dreams come true.
the game is different when you’re black.
not only do you have to dodge some of your own,
you have to work ten times as hard only to get a seat at the corner of the table.
it’s really ridiculous to me.
check out that documentary foxhole.
i think you’ll enjoy it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “you can get pretty far in life if you’re white and scammer”

  1. Hulu has a competing doc… it is worth watching both. imo

    What killed me is when that white boy was waiting for his day in court… his scamming ass was onto another fraud…. while waiting for trial… that is a level if white privilege that I had never seen before.

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