are you “the faithful gay”?

i don’t ever want to be “the faithful gay” to someone straight.
you know the types who will do anything for some straight wolf.
it’s like a vixen who is “ryde or die“.
andy king,
who is pictured above,
reminds me of one of those types.
he was in the fyre festival documentary a few entries down.
he revealed he was “the faithful gay” this during the mess…
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you can get pretty far in life if you’re white and scammer

it amazes me how folks fall for blatant scammer shit.
all it takes is a high follower count and a pretty picture.
for gays it can lead to dms like:

“Send me 200 and I’ll send you a private video”

…only to get nada after the cash app clears.

it’s all really sad when you think about it.
so last night,
i watched a documentary on netflix about the dreadedfyre festival.
it was called “fyre“…

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