are you “the faithful gay”?

i don’t ever want to be “the faithful gay” to someone straight.
you know the types who will do anything for some straight wolf.
it’s like a vixen who is “ryde or die“.
andy king,
who is pictured above,
reminds me of one of those types.
he was in the fyre festival documentary a few entries down.
he revealed he was “the faithful gay” this during the mess…

he went and got the mouthwash.
you know it was serious.
now it’s one thing
to go out with some wolf of a higher level with a plan in action.
he could be behind the scenes or in front of it.
you end up suckin his head clean off his shoulders.
he levels you up like a video game.
it’s another to get on your knees for someone else’s fuck up.
the faithful gay” does shit like that.
i’m loyal to all my people,
but i ain’t suckin’ dick to save no one else.
that shit sounds real degrading and disrespectful.
i had to ask the foxhole tho:

Would you give head to help someone else?

would you be “the faithful gay” and take one for the team?

lowkey: imagine your husband/boyfriend asking
you to suck someone’s pipe to save them.

13 thoughts on “are you “the faithful gay”?

  1. I was in a position to sleep with the director of Advertising to land my dream Job. I contemplated it thinking( I’m gonna gain a lot to sleep with this Straight Married Man) .. well . I chickened out and told him .. I cant do this.. He hired me anyway but every single day he called me in his office to beg me for sex. I never did. So I cant judge someone who would cos I almost did.. BTW.. I had several jobs were my bosses approached me..( it happens a lot to men and has been happening for Centuries .. I will never reveal or use it against them aka ” Me Too”

    1. You must be really attractive to have this happen time and time again. I know that sexual harassment is something no one wants to experience.

  2. The funny thing is this happens to straight men as well. You will be amazed at how many gay men that work in fashion and entertainment do this to straight men who are thirsty for an opportunity.

    1. ^gays gonna fuck around and find themselves #metoo that way.

      i wonder if this is why some of the straight males in entertainment go crazy?
      get on drugs?
      it would explain about two of them…

      1. The funny thing is a lot of them get played and those opportunities don’t come. I remember In college one of my “straight” friends was trying to become a model and this was right around the time when I was interning at an agency. He had this hood persona but his ass was one for the history books. He didn’t listen to my warnings and the gays ran through his ass like a jogger in central park. They would fuck him and then ghost him. The funny thing is he pretended to be so hood but I heard it would take minimal effort for him to give it up, you would just have to say “casting”. He’s now suffering from depression and he’s no longer in shape.

  3. My heart BROKE for this man watching that damn documentary! Lol I laughed also but it was one of those “you GOTTA be Fuckin kidding me” laughs, Can u IMAGINE having a 30 year career and then having some young punk reduce your value to jus sucking some dick!?! The NERVE!

    1. ^right!
      the straight males will see any opportunity they see fit to violate smh
      i would have left his ass to his doom if he even asked me to swing some shit like that

  4. Hell nah.

    When i saw that…i was amazed. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone (outside of a flat-out whore) that would even consider something like that lol

  5. If it was for a cause, person, or thing I PASSIONATELY believed in..AND the penis was clean. YOLO.

    Let me reiterate. I have to fiercely believe in the reason why I’m doing it.

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