here cums charlie for another round

i missed charlie.
ya know,
i like that i did.
one thing about marvin bienaime when it comes to charlie:


i get that out of all the wolves marvin has posted,
besides marshun cooper,
charlie is legit the finest one.
i guess i can understand why marvin goes hard.
he gets him views on his ig.
well marvin posted two untouched shots of charlie today…

my head is spinning.
i post a lot of wolves,
but charlie never gets old for me.

 marvin is getting us hype for his arrival:

i hope he gives us some good bts next month.
i’m ready to be horny af.


lowkey: i like that charlie is boring af on his own ig.
it keeps the mystery alive.
eta: is charlie doing this for fun?
whats the end game?
who dis:

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “here cums charlie for another round”

  1. Did you see on ig where Shauna Brooks the transexual threw MAJOR SHADE at him? Marvin is GAY!! I think he’s afraid if he comes out he’ll make his models uncomfortable, so he’s doing it under the guise as a straight man doing it for the ladies, but gay men are the majority buying his products.

  2. If the above was true.. The “Gays”… might prefer Straight Men /Straight Acting /Hard Tops/Trade ..

    Sex is Mental folks( smile)..

    Its like people rather “Think someone has a big D%$% .

    Finding out its small lets them down.( Big things in small places can cause pain ) But Caution goes to the wind ( smile)

      1. He’s the one with his dick all out. Marvin said he was in it and he has his dick all out shot in like a dark blue background, if I remember correctly.

  3. Where can we see the uncensored video and pics? And no, I will not be pulling out my credit card for Ms. Marvin ‘Lipgloss’ Bienaime. He’s self hating and anti gay.

  4. Why does he censor the guys? I’m pretty sure it would be fine to show them naked since he’s already featuring them in full glory in a calendar.

    The guy at the top certainly is easy on the eyes depending on your tastes.

    I’m glad he features handsome dark skinned men.

    But I wonder what his sexuality has to do with his work? What exactly is he doing to the grown men? These are adults and the whole tricking them thing seems silly. You can tell that most of them relish in their bodies & know they have sex appeal. It brings them cred and the Marvin guy as well. Obviously he’s doing something right if they keep coming back and the shoots look professional.

    Maybe this was just all hype to spark more interest in his brand?

  5. Jamari, you said, I like that Charlie is boring af. Agreed. I feel like less exposure leaves more to the imagination whereas the other models Marvin’s shoots constantly show out on IG.

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