i am proud to be white

i was telling a friend i think white gen z and (some) millennials are different.
they’ve realized what some of their past demons have done in their past (and present).
it seems like many of them are trying to be allies to us.
one of my vix-bi sent me the following video and i thought it was interesting.
it started with someone telling white people to say:

“I am proud to be white.”

and well…

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being black in corporate is a scam (pass it on)

if this panny has taught me anything,
i’ve learned that i can’t do corporate anymore.
i iz tied massa.
i’ve been in corporate for close to 10 years and my cup runneth empty.
ya’ll cups runneth empty to the way everyone is protesting going back into an office again.
i felt what my sista,
jasmine gardens,
was talmbout when she posted this video on her ig:


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why would you want to go back to jobs where folks are going to cry in the bathroom?

Why is it okay to be pushed to the point that you’re crying at work??!?!

i couldn’t believe that behavior was coming from bosses i thought were cool too.

everyone thinks white corporate is a shit show,

but i’ve learned black corporate is just as worst tbh.
it doesn’t get any better on that side of town either.
this doesn’t apply to all jobs,
but this is my experience

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black folks need to stop trying to be included in white shit (heavy on the pick me energy)

a white ass show,
with white ass people,
doing white ass shit.
a show i actually enjoyed tbh because it was funny to me.
the word “friends” always triggers black folks and i don’t know why.
black twitter was filled with venom towards the friends reunion on hbo max.

“They was never any black friends!”
“They copied Living Single with the concept!”
“I never watched an episode and I know I’ll hate it.”

and what?
a foxholer sent me this picture and the main conversation was…

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i dyed my hair black, yell “aye papi!” during sex, and will be spanish from now on

there was a vixen i knew that fooled TF outta me back in the day.
she had introduced herself to me as “puerto rican“.
she had jet black hair,
always rocked hoop earrings,
spoke in a ghetto spanish accent,
and had a collection of black dick from her hood.
it wasn’t until a mutual friend outed her one day:

“You know she white,

it shocked TF outta me tbh.
i shoulda known because she hid her parents until i saw a picture.
a foxholer sent me a story about alec balwin’s wife,
hilaria” baldwin.
she liked spain so much that she decided to be born there.
it all started with this 2013 footage from a david letterman episode that alec was on.
he was talking about his wife’s heritage:

but come to find out

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andrew caldwell had to delivert an ass whuppin’

everyone meet the new “cleo” in “set it off“.
i would font this is a good copy with the cornrows.
well that’s andrew caldwell aka mr “i’m delivert“.
who knew he had paws tho?

its always the un-suspecting ones,
although andrew gives me a strong “ticky boom“.
andrew was in a bit of an altercation in the forests yesterday.
two white jackals called him the “n” word and he had to bring them to glory…
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some white folks have the word “n*gger” locked and loaded in an argument

they say when people are angry,
like the same effects with alcohol,

the truth usually comes out.
you will be shocked to know what your family and friends really think about you.
it can go both ways.
remember that time you threw some vicious insults at someone that offended you?
same rules apply.
i’ve seen it a lot in interracial situations like the one above…
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