i think i figured out why white folks are bagging all our favs and fantasies

*there have been so many discussions about ^this hard reveal.
i’m gonna try to cover the good ones because every day,
it’s something new.

the other day,
i was having a chat with a friend about how aggressive white folks can be.
when white folks want something or someone,
whether they’re gay or straight,
they’ll go after it without a care in the world.
the following video is what led to the discussion.
it’s a white vixen in a gym that was relentless in trying to get some bbc

did he even say thank you?
and this comment:

look at claire from modern family with method man:

i mean,
i don’t blame claire at all tbh.
do you see those arms in that shirt?

white gay males are the same way.
look at the bbc many of them bag in those “secretly recorded” sex videos.
i’ve come to the realization why it’s easy for them to be go-getters.

Their privilege allows them to do so.

in my head,
this is why they are scooping up all the good bbc.

I kinda also feel like white folks don’t have much of the same hang-ups we have.
They don’t have to “be something else” in a sense.
For us,
we have to be all the things other than ourselves because it might not be acceptable.

This goes for all communities btdubs.

for many black folks,
we were raised on “be seen and not heard”.
white kids were taught to go after whatever they wanted.
often times,
they have no filter especially when it comes to dating.

I can name a few times white gays thought it was okay to grab my ass or dick.

I can name more than a few times white vixens were relentless in trying to get at me.

…yet when i’ve been told to be “bolder” in many aspects of life,
i was rejected and “punished” for doing so.
i feel like many black folks will be more lenient with white folks.
i know someone relates what i’m fontin’ bout.
the discussion made me wonder if that’s the case for byron perkins and his white boo?
did he pull an “ariana grande” way of living when bagging byron?

I see it,
I like it,
I want it,
I got it.

… and is it because with white folks,
many of us cater to them in a different way than we do our own people?
we see them as saviors instead of equals because of their privilege?


lowkey: sometimes,
i feel like,
many black folks don’t appreciate our own until it’s gone or with another race.
i feel like i wanna say/font that many of us chased them away.

11 thoughts on “i think i figured out why white folks are bagging all our favs and fantasies

  1. You have to do better research. Brush up on sociology because the way you talk about Black folks is asz backwards and full of generalization.

  2. I will say this, she looked at him like she was JAWS looking for it’s next prey and when she said what she said, he walked away like “girl, I like what you like too”. She probably still at the gym trying to figure out what just happened and don’t realize he is just not into HER.

  3. I honestly don’t care that this young Black man is involved in an interracial relationship. What bothers me is that he is involved with this specific white man. If this young, Black, gay man was with a young, white, good-looking man his own age, I wouldn’t mind at all. For me, it reflects too many cases of attractive Black gay men being involved with bottom of the barrel looking white men. That is what pisses me off. This young, Black man chose an older, out of shape, not even “ok looking” white man. It just upholds false stereotypes that even the lowest white man on the totem pole is better than the very best Black man. It makes me freaking sick. And I don’t subscribe to the train of thought that the white guy has personality, and all that other crap. Men, including gay men, are visual. Too many of us see white, and automatically grant “hot” status with it.

  4. This story is getting more interesting the more its discussed, I still stand by the comments I made in the previous post about the power in being centered at an HBCU and they fact that in the larger society black people are too comfortable being fetishes for white people. In my opinion for an interracial relationship to work you have to be equally yoked

    So lets talk about a couple of things, I like the fact that you talked about “White privilege” but its crazy because you see how “ White privilege “ and “ White Supremacy “ play apart even in this comment thread. If we are to generalize, White people in our society have many bad traits the are summarily dismissed, while at the same time we pathologize our own community. Simply put, we give white people too much grace while extending none to those in the black community. Case and point, while everyone is concerned about Byron’s boyfriend being white no one is mentioning the fact that the white boyfriend is allegedly confirmed to be 35 years old which would make him close to almost 15 years older than Byron, in addition to the fact that the white boyfriend also allegedly was once married and is now has divorced from his black husband. The white boyfriend has lived and Byron is just getting started , yet a couple a weeks ago many people were giving 39 year old Grayling Purnell all the smoke for messing around with younger men; I’m not trying to imply anything nefarious but why are we quick to give a pass to one while demonizing another?

  5. Don’t forget Jamari, that sometimes it’s the Blacks chasing the Whites because they WANT that status that comes with being around white folks. There are Blacks who intentionally reject their own race, their own blackness, because they crave that status.

  6. I’m sorry but this is a weird post. Why do you assume it’s the white folks doing the pursuing? It’s true that white privilege is a virus but it also means that whites are more socially desirable and that doesn’t have anything to do with whites being aggressive pursuers.

  7. Oh jamari you definitely hit a home run with this one! I agree 100% also what that video Illustrated is the double standard that black men have. Because if she was black they would have said that she was being too aggressive not operating in her divine feminine. But because she’s white just her approaching him most likely made him feel he’s the “chosen one” because remember some white folks feel like you don’t get to choose them they choose you!

  8. It’s true . I wrote about it here in the comments. “Whites are very aggressive when they pursue us or feel that they have a chance when they share or dominate the social landscape .

    Example : School. The Business world, Hollywood, Music Industry ,etc. can be filled with Non -Black potential love interest .

    As I wrote here in the comments” It happened to me” . It not like it’s an epidemic or happens non- stop , but I have experienced it.White men and women were extremely aggressive in letting me know they liked me.

    It is amplified with our Black Athletes, Celebrities, and Musical/ Acting Icons .

    ( especially in early days, Josephine Baker, Sidney Portier, Sammy Davis Junior, Diana Ross, Donna Summer

    The Whites had privilege , Connections , Money and courted us with an introduction to their privileged lifestyle that few other Black Men and Woman had access to.

    This is why I personally appreciate what Jay-Z and Beyonce placed in other Famous and Non-Famous Black couples aspirations. Bey and Jay, Angela Bassett, Bobby, and Whitney were actual representation that Black on Black love could be possible in every social economic level .

    The wrorld of Black and White Gays is sadly devided . Highly prolific Black Gay men are more apt to travel in White Circles, ( Ex: Agents, White Bars. Etc) .Some may purposely seek out those White Gay spaces.

  9. I agree with everything you said except the last part. Let’s not make Black people in interracial relationships out to be perfect Angels who are just misunderstood by the big bad evil Blacks. I really don’t like the “chased them away” wording. If any grown adult says they were chased away from dating their own race then they’ve got some serious internal problems they need to work out. There are too many Black people on this planet for us to be painting our race with one brush like that. It also makes White people & others sound like they’re just these loving individuals willing to accept anyone with open arms.

  10. Its what you said in a previous post about why privilege. That’s just how they were brought up. They are TOLD they OWN everything. So now you see why our ATHLETES are all doomed because they fall for the fake ass and tits, quickly get the snow bunny PUM, get married and then lose all their money 🤓

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