most white people will not understand the black struggle because of…(story time)

a few years ago,
and “name annoying ass job here“,
i was frustrated with the current surroundings.
the job was stressful and i was at my wits end.
a white vixen that i was cool with would always come to my desk to chat.
she was trying to start a fan page over her primal lust for sebastian stan.

i wonder if she smashed him yet.
she was obsessed.
at this point,
i never told her about the foxhole but i mentioned i had a website.
she was unsure about how to get sponsors for her endeavors.
i started to vent about how nervous i was to pursue them for mine.
she said something that made me realize how differently we saw things

“I mean,
it should be easy for you to get them since you are gay.”

i looked at her with a thousand heads all with various side eyes.
in her forests,
as a white vixen,
she wouldn’t know the struggles of being a black gay content creator.
in her forests,
she grew up with privilege so life is a lot different.
i didn’t get mad at her and since we were in a work setting,
i decided to keep all i wanted to say quiet.

It made me realize just how white folks may sympathize with black struggle,
but they’ll never know firsthand unless we share it out loud.

these videos with octavia spencer and jessica chastain are perfect examples:

^start at @3:40

lowkey: one thing i’ve noticed is when you share your struggle with certain white folks,
the ones who know and respect you,
they’ll try to help you with their privilege.
i know this is controversial to font as many black folks want to see them as evil.

2 thoughts on “most white people will not understand the black struggle because of…(story time)

  1. Jamari – just to REMIND you that WYT ppl were BROUGHT UP, knowingly, that the WORLD is there’s to take. The philosophy of INDIVIDUALISM , that they are to leave their home and conquer the world, go wherever they want to go, do whatever they want to do. This is the culture of Supremacy that black ppl talk about but frankly the reason why WYT ppl always hit back is just that, WHY cant they do what they want to do? That to THEM is racist. Black ppl use the word NIGGA so why cant they use it as well?

    Similarly your friend spoke honestly through the lens she sees the world because from her point of view getting funds to start anything is never a problem. And in reality it isn’t. They created laws to facilitate the culture of individualism and exploration and I don’t need to remind you of history here.

    So Bless her sweet little wyt heart. Its really not her fault. Its how she was brought up. Its how all of them were brought up and the challenge is teaching OUR kids and OUR people that they too have a right, a universal right to exploration that is similar to the WYT ppl but the difference is we do it TOGETHER, the idea of UMBUNTO, that we are all bound together in ways that are invisible to the eye; that there is a oneness to humanity; that we achieve ourselves by sharing ourselves with others, and caring for those around us. That’s how DIFFERENT we are as a ppl and the realization of this difference is what the colloquial term they use today as being WOKE.

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