john lawson thinks his OF content is worth more than gold

one of the foxholers used a term to describe the following trend.
he called it:

“Fomo Homos”

…and i never felt so triggered but seen at the same time.
it could be about to any kind of fomo,
but it was in regard to those the ppv OF content.
they see that blue line with a price attached and feel they’re missing out.
they HAVE to pay to see what’s underneath.
in general,
social media
tends to make you feel that way.

john lawson,
one of the attentionistos who is notorious for doing that,
dropped a ppv of his latest content.
a foxholer sent me the price and…

200 to see him pleasure himself and ejaculate?
tf is he even talkin’ about in that caption????????

this pineapple is buggin’.
i won’t cap that his moan game is gold top-tier…

…but is it worth 200 dollars?

200 needs him moaning in my ear as i use him as a trampoline.
he be typing in full-blown hotepery to describe his sex work tho.
i’m like no cares about your energy aligning to do a handstand on a pier.
every video i see of him,
he is hoppin’ around like a rabbit with adhd.

Attentionistos/nistas like this,
who charge these outrageous prices,
think way too highly of themselves.

…yet my manz who does the same straight OF content,
king nate:

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so stop havin’ fomo over these ridiculous pineapples.
some objects tend to appear more exciting behind the paywall.
not only that:

We be real vexed after we come to our senses.

lowkey: put wait,
font me out,
font me out…

no one is gonna not tell me he doesn’t resemble chance.

6 thoughts on “john lawson thinks his OF content is worth more than gold

  1. A lot of them charge those ridiculous prices to see just how desperate gay men are. No self respecting woman is paying for their content. They’ll buy one of their erotic massages AT MOST.

  2. Anyone who pays that amount to see this man jo needs their ass beat for being THAT dumb!

  3. Never heard of him, let’s research 🧐 but I’ll never pay for online porn.

  4. He need to be like my man Nate. He charge reasonably good price for PPV or even give it for free of view from time to time.

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