curious straight males only want one thing and it ain’t no love story

I have dated males,
who were curious,
but they were never interested in me romantically.

i’m here to tell you curious males are not what they’re cracked up to be.
i have this thing where i can attract males to me like bees to honey.
it might be my style,
bomb personality,
or the gayness they could see in me.
curious straight males were like hawks because i wasn’t like the others.
it wasn’t a compliment because they ended up treating me like the others.
they wanted to fuck but i was giving them “the boyfriend” experience.

I’m glad it never happened with any of them tbh.

i was reading this thread on reddit called:

“Straight men who have tried gay sex: what did you like and didn’t like about it?”

…and many of the comments gave me a couple a-ha moments.
this one comment especially…

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tyler perry and writer’s room will never go together (so stop asking)

if i stopped trying after one bad situation,
i wouldn’t have gotten anywhere in life.
sometimes we find ourselves in ten shit-uations before a breakthrough.
tyler perry claims he had a writer’s room before.
this is what he told “essence” on why he only writes for himself now…

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so i should accept his ho’s child he created while cheating on me?

how would you feel if your boyfriend/husband,
cheated on you with a vixen on some truly random shit,
and ended up getting her pregnant?
i’m sure that’s what lala anthony had to ponder a couple years ago.
as you know,
or didn’t,
carmelo anthony cheated and planted a seed in someone else.
after a long separation,
and him begging all over social media,
lala decided to give him another chance.
well folks are mad about something lala is doing.
this is the tweet that went viral…
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Why “Settling” Is The Worst Thing You Can Ever Do

so i was having a conversation the other day and it made me go heavy on the eye roll.
for some odd reason last week,
i kept seeing the sexiest wolves everywhere.
it put me in my feelings because my phone is dry af right now.
so i said:

“have you ever felt like the people you are attracted to don’t look at you?
do they ever feel invisible?”

so they responded:

“your problem is you’re looking at too much good looking males.
you need to deal with someone who might not be physically attractive,
but likes you.

^that is where i eye rolled.
it’s funny coming from them tho because they settled.
a few week ago i was hearing an earful about someone that “liked them for them”.
it turned out that he was a demon from the depths of hell.
ima font you like this…

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tumblr_n5or42A37J1smqjvqo1_400i’ll be honest with you.
back in the day,
dealing with the loneliness of being a fox aka bottom,
i would imagine myself as ^that vixen.
well not that vixen per say,
but something in that package.
light skin.
long wet ‘n’ wavy hair.
a fat ass.
tight pussy.
i would say:

i’d have that fine ass wolf over there!
i’d get him to buy me dis!
take me here!
i’d use my pussy to get the pineapples i wanted!
i’d have every sexy wolf i’d see!”

i would see a chick like that and get so jealous.
she would be getting all the wolves i wanted.
it would make me feel that those same wolves i liked were only “straight”.
when i say instant depression?
well lately i have stepped outside my insecurities.
hanging out and working with the straights teaches me a lot.
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Everytime I Kiss His Ass, He Takes A Huge Dump On Me!!


one of my biggest pet peeves is people who don’t have a mind of their own.
they either have to:

leech off others to get ideas
get their “life” from someone else

everyone always wants to be the original.
you can always tell because they look like a knock off imitation.
they never put life into it because they didn’t think of it originally.
the worse is people latching onto others in hopes to be put on.
this person could treat them like pure shit,
but as long as they can help them get in the door,
they suffer any kind of abuse.
it’s one thing to genuinely meet someone and become friends.
you know they will have your back since you rode with them from the start.
oprah said:

“Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo,
but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you”

are people only befriending people who can bring them places?
how fake is that?

how can you tell someone only appreciates you because of what you got?
rather than who you are?
makes you look at everyone around you with a nice side eye.
i had to ask…

What are you willing to do to get put on?

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