tyler perry put on the cape to save BET cause it wanna be saved

when i got into bet heavy around the late 90s,
i stopped watching cartoons.
i missed out on that whole pokémon wave cause of it.
music videos,
and black entertainment started to dominate my life.
it was all thanks to bet because i had it on every tv.
bet had really good programming back in the day.

106 and Park with Free and AJ
Talking on the phone while watching Midnight Love
Who remembers the first black AI, Cita?
Music videos had black folks glowing and looking luxurious

even sunday programming on bet was dope.
bet catered to us on the only channel dedicated to us.
somewhere in the timeline especially after bob johnson sold it,
things changed and it became wack af.
these days,
bet is a shell of its former self and i don’t know many who watch tbh.
it seems tyler perry is about it rescue it tho…

Tyler Perry reportedly stands as the new owner of BET. According to an initial report by Streamr, the media mogul will take control of Black Entertainment Television and VH1, both once owned by Paramount. 

However, the original report by Streamr has been removed from its site. Paramount, BET or Perry has yet to confirm or deny the report.

If the deal is finalized, it will comes several years after Perry partnered with BET to launch BET+, a streaming service which features original TV and film projects produced by Perry.

i’ll allow it.
i hope he brings back the classic programming that i know he grew up on.
some of these hooligans need a teen summit.

resurrect bet!
help us!

lowkey: tyler,
please keep  “wwe reality” off bet.
let’s get back to how and why that channel was started.

article cc: atlanta daily word

6 thoughts on “tyler perry put on the cape to save BET cause it wanna be saved

  1. Today’s young generation needs inspire weekend shows and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate Teen Summit. It felt like an outreach center that always delivered yet MTV seem like it lost its mojo and losing its base.

  2. As long as Ms. Perry doesn’t try to write and run every single damn show himself, remember he said he doesn’t need a writer’s room. He needs to get with a group of other prominent Blacks in running BET. This is a network not a study he would be controlling. Reach out to Oprah, he had to learn something working with her at OWN.

  3. Ehh I’ve never been a Tyler Perry fan even though I loved The Haves & Haves Not show. I really hope he can make BET great again for a new generation and make it relevant to us older generations but that’s asking for a lot from a man who wants to produce direct and write a bunch of stereotypical bullshit and force feed it to niggas. I’m sure any announcement will be made at the BET Awards later this month so we shall see. Him and Diddy should team up with Revolt since they have a winning formula in place. Strength in numbers just saying.

  4. This!!! Hopefully the programming will be better. He has been great, but I have to say there should be more than “Tyler”. The programming needs to be better with more shows like Iyanla, Fix My Life and family shows that are uplifting. News would be nice too like Roland or Jeff Chronicles.

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