azealia banks thinks beyonce needs to go back to being white

i never in my life thought i’d see folks coming at beyonce.
back in the day,
the hive would kill your whole shit for saying anything about her.
saucy santana disrespected her kid and still performed in her hometown.
not one tomato was thrown.
i was waiting to see what azealia banks would say about b’s new song,
break my soul,
which is heavily house-influenced.
she thinks beyonce needs to go back to being “white“…

and accuses bey of stealing:

tough crowd.
well i dunno azealia,
according to spotify,
break my soul has been streamed 17 million times.
not only that,
house artists of yester-year are getting a resurgence in airplay.
its like how kate bush got a career boost from stranger things recently.


robin s,
whose song “show me love” is sampled in bey’s new song:


…is getting her flowers and more opportunities.


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Not only that…

…because of bey and drake,
i started revisiting azealia’s discography too.
so when we realllllllllllyyyyyy think about it,
bey literally shone a light and resurrected an underground scene.
a scene that azealia literally eats off of.
does azealia even give flowersto those before her?
all i know her for is good reads and rants.
azealia made her music and a majority of the gays appreciated it.
bey (and even drake) does it:

The world takes notice and other artists get highlighted.

don’t cut your nose to spite your face ab.
this is the moment to release a new album and jump on the wave.
leave the ranting to angry white folks over a black vixen winning.

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10 thoughts on “azealia banks thinks beyonce needs to go back to being white”

  1. Why does Beyonce have to acknowledge children her father had by cheating? That’s HIS business.

  2. Azealia is angry because the things she’s vilified for others receive praise

    I saw a thread yesterday basically saying “if you don’t like Beyoncé it’s a character flaw” but why is it that her fans can put her against Anyone When they’re not In competition

    Jennifer Hudson

    None of these ladies are cocky and have their own talents

    So can’t we say Beyoncé fans unnecessarily putting Black women against eachother is the issue???? If she’s the standard and in her own class why would she need to look at banks as inspo? The bottom line is she’s talented but she’s not God. And we should respect entertainers for what they do— entertain . No one is on a pedestal. They’re all entertainers

    1. ^ so is this karma for beyonce?
      after all the years the hive put in being nasty to others,
      saucy and azealia are both who don’t gaf about her or her legacy?

      1. It’s not karma bc Beyoncé won’t be affected it’s just white noise

        Azealia is doing what she does

        She has some truthful takes but she’s more of an industry critic she’ll never win mainstream awards

        It’s possible for her to drop dance hits tho and even chart on billboard with the right features

    2. Also you have to think about the era that came out from the 90’s around newer artists. Beyoncé and Destiny’s child was apart of the same era of Brandy and Monica where industry wise they liked to put people against each other. Same with Xscape vs Total and so on and so forth. Its was rare for them to work together. So these same fans have the mentality of having to choose. You see how silent they are when you talk about Rihanna, who is the has outsold Beyoncé, certified in the top 8, and will surpass Madonna whenever she released her album to be the highest female ever…

      And not for nothing, Beyoncé is very copy and paste under the guise of “inspiration”. I remember someone broke down a video showing all the instances she has bitten from smaller creative, whether is was Choreo or design sets without proper credit a while back. People love to glorify and overlook under this “Stan” culture

      1. ^ very very very 110% with this.

        i always liked variety with my artists.
        remember when it was brandy,
        and mya?
        plus other knock offs?
        i enjoyed each one because they all brought something different to the table.
        same with mary and her various knockoffs throughout the years.
        rappers too.

        i feel like people choose but both artists lack something.
        why not just have the best of all worlds?
        foreign concept for many,
        i’m sure.

        1. Were very copy and paste in our industry. You know who was extremely lucky, The Weeknd and Khalid, who were allowed from the gate to just be artists and not classified as Urban. They allow them the grace. Doja is fighting for her dear life to not be put into the Urban box but this industry keeps forcing her there when it comes to award shows.

          Thats why I fear for Normani when she releases. They fumbled her very badly already, she should have released why Love Lies and Dancing with a stranger came out behind the group separating. I can see it already her being forced into that Urban box because time has passed too long.

          There are so many other artists that are talented in the R&B category but I can already see the machine trying to push Chlöe to the forefront, its just a damn shame the butt ass naked strategy is taking over like always.

  3. Azealia always hates on successful black female artists (Bey, Rihanna, Nicki, Lizzo, Doja, Megan, etc). She’s giving self hating black.

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