erica mena outs that safaree allegedly likes his dildos to be sexy?

i never thought they’d last tbh.
all it takes is some #couplesgoals tags and pregnancy for some.
i don’t drink the koolaid all like that because,
some of my irl folks and the foxhole desensitized me.

Sidebar: You want attention on socials?
Debut your relationship,
let your money wear you,
or get pregnant.


safaree and erica mena gave me “ratchet sex” but thats about it.
i knew erica mena that once she gets mad,
she would out everything wrong about safaree once they broke up.
apparently and allegedly,
she done outed he liked dildos and underaged vixens too…

you peep she said he wanted to allegedly deal with a trans-vixen?
remember when i fonted that she was emulating one recently?
( x
see it here )
…and what is a “sexy dildo”?????
and if he is on top of her,
how is that even gonna work?
i need a visual.
aside from that,
these straights be out here fiending to get dominated in the bedroom.
they are the ones that want their legs up and to be treated to dinner after.
these pineapples want to be submissive in all areas.

she dropped the texts that he really misses her too.
even though he is with someone else,
she is beefing with said vixen too:


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the crazy part is once she is done barking,
when he swings through with that big penis again,
he won’t be down on his knees asking for forgiveness.

She will be.

5 thoughts on “erica mena outs that safaree allegedly likes his dildos to be sexy?

  1. So i’m just getting up to speed on this story and i’m going to be fully honest with you i am not on Erica’s side whatsoever. First, you knew this man was allegedly doing something with a younger vixen and instead of saying something and calling him out you hold on to it until y’all are broken up and he is with somebody else. Second, even if he does like dildo’s in his butt why, again, is that for us to know? Does that decrease the Safaree brand? like what was the point of telling us all this if you’ve known this before y’all started really dating?

    all that to say they are both toxic and terrible people and honestly outside of the penis i do not care for Safaree. (Sorry to be harsh but i do not like people that scream protect black girls but hide something as bad as what she says Safaree did/was trying to do)

  2. Seli❤️, speak it.
    Erica is losing and a loser from every angle of this. She should just admit the dick had her whipped, admit she is jealous and that she cannot handle knowing someone else is getting all that 🍆. Her whole energy field screams “I am a fat funky junky mess,”.
    He fucked her and now she remembers he is allegedly a pedophile. Did she secure underage girls for him,? You knowingly had a baby with a pedo? Bitch/Butch Queen, please?

  3. Um…if she knew and didn’t report it, doesn’t that make her as bad as mothers who don’t believe children abused by relatives???

    What is the point of this? To say she procreated with a pedophile, but now that they’re not together, he is sick??? Shouldn’t he be kept from children then? I just can’t with bitter people acting holier than thou.

  4. I feel like they’re the same brand of toxic and crazy. Smdh the dildo thing that doesn’t surprise me at all. Hell, he probably uses his own on himself 🤷🏾‍♂️

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