i’m convinced some vixens tend to set themselves up for failure.
i see why some of their menz are dating trans vixens too.
lhh alum,
erica mena,
 is extremely pretty as is.
she decided to do this look and…


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…she looks every inch like a trans vixen to me.
if someone sent me this video without telling me who it was,
like how my friend did this morning,
i would assume this was a pretty trans vixen tbh.
she looks like the trans vixen,
big bambina,
who is allegedly dating nba baller wolf,
dillon brooks.


( x see more here )

ETA: it seems big bambina isn’t trans.
( x see here )

i think it’s the heavy contouring that many do.
some remind me of how amanda lepore does her makeup.

the makeup of today goes with the trend of looking extra dramatic.
some want a more natural and others want drama.
i think the drama picks up better on camera.
has anyone peeped

…Some males like/lust cis vixens who look similar to trans vixens tho?


  1. These athletes/celebs have a type…chicks with mad fake asses and titties. The wanna be Kardashian types who are looking for nothing more than a come-up. When these dudes have nothing more to give, it’s on to the next dude. Damn shame.

  2. In my opinion, I think it’s a little problematic to say someone “looks trans.” I get what you’re saying tho, the makeup is very piled on. In all honesty she’s been one to wear heavy makeup ever since we’ve first seen her on LHH. To each their own tho

    1. Erica Mena
      Has a natural beauty that is very very appealing. She doesn’t even need the gooby glue tricks.
      Bambina may not be trans now, but she started out as one. I have seen unclockable girls, as many of you probably have. She’s not there yet.
      That silicone injection look in the face clearly looks like a trans. It is that Down Syndrome similar visage, like all the trans girls had the same Surgeon.

  3. These women have been looking like dragons for years now. The soft CoverGirl look went out with Cheryl Tiegs 40 years ago. Women are trying to stay in wigs and weaves, but still can’t stop their men from straying. Sad. Overprinting and over weaving equals overkill.
    Most of their makeup is applied by gay men.
    Their wigs and weaves installed by gay men .

    1. That part. Cis women are running around here emulating drag queens. Drag is meant to be over the top and performative, not ‘ready to wear’. Just crazy to see in how many ways women are out here trying to imitate men in drag, doing extremely exaggerated impressions of them.

      Also, is that Bambina lady trans, Jamari? I googled and there was something saying her being trans was a rumor. Not important, was just wondering.

      1. ^ they were saying she isn’t trans but i just a report on google that said she isn’t trans.
        his ex girlfriend apparently spread the rumor.
        i’ll update since it seems to have been a nasty rumor…

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