i’m convinced some vixens tend to set themselves up for failure.
i see why some of their menz are dating trans vixens too.
lhh alum,
erica mena,
 is extremely pretty as is.
she decided to do this look and…

lil’ kim gets an old paint job for her new look

i looooooooooovveeeee ^this picture of her.
lil’ kim
is one of my favorite female rappers.

I’ve fonted that many times before.
you know she is a july cancer too.
she comes off like she has a kind and loving spirit.
like many cancers,
that often leads to the wrong company trying to destroy your life.
I’ll admit I haven’t been keeping up with her as of late.
last I saw her,
it felt like it was no secret that she has body dysmorphic disorder:

I dunno who has been doing her makeup as of late,
but this is how she is looking for this year’s fashion week…

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how you got involved with male makeup and “damage control”

when i went to a modeling school,
which was a waste of time but taught me a lot,
they gave me a “model” kit.
in the kit was this book:


– cheap foundation
– cheap mascara
– cheap concealer

I’m sure it was made in a back alley,
but it was a starter kit for being “a model”.

damage control” shouldn’t be a process tbh.
it can be as little or as much as you need.
i’ve been in situations where i worked all day and had to go out that same night.
i have oily skin and when i’m tired,
i can look it.
before you go through any of this,
there are a few things you need to know.
this entry is for those who were confused like me.
i’m here to bless you as my past friend did…

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how i got involved with male makeup and “damage control”

Let’s have a conversation.
This will be a two-part entry…

 my skin was absolute trash.
my teenage acne still had no chill when i turned 20.
because i had so many pimples,
they left a ton of acne scarring on my face.
people would legit comment on how bad my skin use to be.
one weekend in the early 00s,
i went on a weekend getaway trip to see good friends who lived in the dmv.
there was this wolf i was kinda talking-ish to that i wanted to meet up with.
he had a girlfriend
or a boyfriend
i can’t remember tbh,
but he wanted to get a drink on saturday night.
for what i can remember,
that weekend was a good one as far as pimples,
but the acne scars were outta control.
my good friend at the time was a very “face forward” type of fox.
he was all about your visuals and presentation.

“We need to do some damage control on you.”

i’ll never forget how i chuckled at those words.
damage control“.
so he took me to a walmart and…

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if you’re a male and want to wear makeup, alex rodriguez might have the right shade for you!

it is taboo to talk about males who wear makeup.
when we think of males who wear makeup,
it’s always associated with the feminine.
in reality,
a shit ton of males wear makeup besides celebs.
everyone isn’t blessed to have model-like skin.
let’s not act like we don’t live in a very narc world where we need to look perfect.
filters are great for if you never plan on being outside,
like ever,
so some males learn how to apply makeup that looks natural.
ex-baseball baller wolf,
alex rodriguez,
is coming out with a male makeup line with “hims“…

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