how you got involved with male makeup and “damage control”

when i went to a modeling school,
which was a waste of time but taught me a lot,
they gave me a “model” kit.
in the kit was this book:


– cheap foundation
– cheap mascara
– cheap concealer

I’m sure it was made in a back alley,
but it was a starter kit for being “a model”.

damage control” shouldn’t be a process tbh.
it can be as little or as much as you need.
i’ve been in situations where i worked all day and had to go out that same night.
i have oily skin and when i’m tired,
i can look it.
before you go through any of this,
there are a few things you need to know.
this entry is for those who were confused like me.
i’m here to bless you as my past friend did…


 foundation or tinted moisturizer should always be a close match to your neck.
it’s important to test the shade first.
if it blends into the back of your hand,
that is usually your right shade.
if your face is a different color to the back of your hand,
you can go on a visual guess test.
that can work,


think of undertones as cologne.
when you spray cologne in the air,
it can smell different than when you apply it in your skin.
on your skin,
it blooms into different scents once it settles.

That is similar to your undertone.

figuring out your undertone is easy: click here | click here

please do ^this first.


it’s either matte vs dewy.
if you have dry skin,
it’s important to always look hydrated.
if you have oily skin,
it helps to apply products that will soak up the oil.
i have oily skin and won’t use skincare products for dry skin.


most males can rock concealer and call it a day.
your lack of sleep and age can show up under your eyes.
concealer cover up dark circles,
and the lines wearing glasses can give.
like foundation and tinted moisturizer,
concealers come in various skin tones and undertones.


bronzer adds a glow or tan without being in the sun.
you cannot be heavy-handed with a bronzer.


all male celebs and baller wolves wear damage control when they’re going to be at events.
daniel kaluuya killed it when he wore fenty beauty foundation for a red carpet event.

they have the luxury of a stylist and make-up artist.
some of us don’t.
the products don’t need to be expensive either.
in your damage control kit,
you should have:

foundation or tinted moisturizer (your correct shade and undertone)
concealer (same as above)
waterproof mascara
bronzer (for advanced damage control)
tweezer (clean up eyebrows)
makeup sponge

always prep your face before you put on any damage control.
and spf.

some days you may feel great and you look like a million dollars.
other days,
you might be tired,
or didn’t shave/get a haircut,
but need to show up.

even the males blessed with great skin have “off” days.
think about it like this:

It isn’t to look feminine but to look face forward.
You can’t apply filters in real life when you have to go to work and attend events.
We live in a judgmental ass society and the better you look gives you more access.

i found these videos helpful for those who are still nervous about it.


hope all of this helps someone out there.
any questions,
please don’t hesitate to ask.

lowkey: if you have a vixen you trust or a solid gay male,
they can help you tremendously.

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6 thoughts on “how you got involved with male makeup and “damage control”

        1. ^smhhhhhhhhhhhhh

          they tried to boost ashton kutcher at their top celeb they made a star.
          they teach you how to walk and then this graduation where talent agents were watching.

  1. I did some Professional Modeling ,Runway and Print. Make up for males was based on the shooting or show. Majority of the Professional Shootings required some sort of Make up ( various factors determine the amount)

    Runway was more based on the Designer/ Show. Some designers wanted it others left it up to you. Sometimes men ( Straight ) would wear covering ( Foundation ) on their own.

    I am for it whether you model or don’t . If it makes you feel good, boost your confidence do it.

    BTW: Make- up for males can be different and is used to enhance facial hair (Darken ,Fill ins ) and skin ( Evan out Skin tone, Cover Blemishes)

    Today some males are ” PAINTING AND BEATING MUGSS FOR LIFE !!!!!!!!!! ( Snap!) hehehe

    1. ^ i agree on it evening skin and cover up.
      makeup for males isn’t on some james charles shit.
      those males specialize for women.

      makeup for males is pretty simple and straight forward.
      the stigma comes from makeup only being for women.
      this is why males don’t wash their faces,
      clean their asses,
      or even put on lotion.
      one male told me putting on lotion is feminine.

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