how you got involved with male makeup and “damage control”

when i went to a modeling school,
which was a waste of time but taught me a lot,
they gave me a “model” kit.
in the kit was this book:


– cheap foundation
– cheap mascara
– cheap concealer

I’m sure it was made in a back alley,
but it was a starter kit for being “a model”.

damage control” shouldn’t be a process tbh.
it can be as little or as much as you need.
i’ve been in situations where i worked all day and had to go out that same night.
i have oily skin and when i’m tired,
i can look it.
before you go through any of this,
there are a few things you need to know.
this entry is for those who were confused like me.
i’m here to bless you as my past friend did…

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how i got involved with male makeup and “damage control”

Let’s have a conversation.
This will be a two-part entry…

 my skin was absolute trash.
my teenage acne still had no chill when i turned 20.
because i had so many pimples,
they left a ton of acne scarring on my face.
people would legit comment on how bad my skin use to be.
one weekend in the early 00s,
i went on a weekend getaway trip to see good friends who lived in the dmv.
there was this wolf i was kinda talking-ish to that i wanted to meet up with.
he had a girlfriend
or a boyfriend
i can’t remember tbh,
but he wanted to get a drink on saturday night.
for what i can remember,
that weekend was a good one as far as pimples,
but the acne scars were outta control.
my good friend at the time was a very “face forward” type of fox.
he was all about your visuals and presentation.

“We need to do some damage control on you.”

i’ll never forget how i chuckled at those words.
damage control“.
so he took me to a walmart and…

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male makeup: the ig filter for real life

for many centuries,
from egyptians to romans,
males have been wearing make up.
i know.
even tho make up has become a staple for vixens,
a shit ton of males have been secretly rocking subtle hints of it.
one of marvin bienaime’s proteges,


caused a lot of chatter when he posted this on his ig…

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