male makeup: the ig filter for real life

for many centuries,
from egyptians to romans,
males have been wearing make up.
i know.
even tho make up has become a staple for vixens,
a shit ton of males have been secretly rocking subtle hints of it.
one of marvin bienaime’s proteges,


caused a lot of chatter when he posted this on his ig…

i mean,
i could have done without the kissy face,
but i had to ask

What is the issue?

“fenty beauty” has a whole two tutorials about male makeup:

some males skin isn’t perfect.
you can filter the fuck outta your face,
but males get:

dark circles
uneven skin tone
dark spots

that isn’t exclusive to vixens only.
some males are so good at applying make up,
you can’t even tell they have anything on.
it can be as simple as dabbing concealer under your eyes or applying bronzer.
male makeup isn’t dramatic like this:

it can literally be this:

i’m not fonting that ^he’s wearing make up,
because i don’t know him personally,
but it can look like skin.
hell even king james was out here in “fenty beauty”:

so if you want to invest in male make up,
i font go ahead.
you pay your own bills and have to live your own life.
if you’re concerned with what people think

Who cares?

folks have bigger secrets out here than you wearing make up.
you know we font about their secrets daily on the foxhole.
i’m not here to judge or police what anyone do.
all i ask if to make sure it looks natural.
get on youtube and learn so you aren’t out here looking crazy.

check out: “war paint for men
check out: “fenty beauty

19 thoughts on “male makeup: the ig filter for real life

  1. I’ll be honest…

    I see no reason why men should wear makeup. Women shouldn’t wear it either but you know that’s who brings the money in so I guess they are trying to include men in this now. More money for them I guess.

    I’ll be completely honest with you. A man wearing makeup day to day for dating purposes is unattractive to me.
    Unless it’s for a profession job such as being a clown, artistic reasons or something that is life altering like burn scars or doing movie work.

    People really out here taking Instagram and Twitter pics with a face full of makeup and pretending like they glowing in the sun. If I see a pic and comments on someone’s skin about it glowing and folks ask what’s their secret, I always read their response. If I see drink lots of water or some one off answer, I know they are probably using make up or app filters. It’s a combination of things from diet change, to exercise…etc

    Second problem for me is that..I’m not putting any shit on my face if the ingredients are not naturally occurring in the environment or “organically created”. Idk wtf they are putting in makeup. Unlike food or medicine, makeup doesn’t have to get the same approval checks because it is cosmetic. The idea may appear sound, but if you have a blemish and are using tons of foundation to cover that blemish, how is that actually helping your skin? It’s the largest organ on your body and absorbs whatever you let sit on it. If anything it will clog your pores and lead to more breakouts which in turn means you have to buy MORE makeup.

    That’s like anti perspiration. The issue is not the sweat, it’s the bacteria that feeds off the sweat. Diet change can work wonders, & you can make your own deodorant.

    This is just a personal opinion of mine I’ve always had about makeup. I don’t tag on anyone that chooses to wear it but it’s just not in my line of taste.

  2. I found out that my boyfriend was using makeup to cover small blemishes every now and then. I def gave him hell for it (jokingly) but i wasn’t surprised. He’s highkey vain. I’ve always been simple, sometimes to my own detriment. Now he’s got me out here wearing eye cream and shit lol

  3. I always use a little concealer under the eye to brighten them up , brush and fill in the gaps in my browser and some lip balm. It doesn’t have to be a full face of makeup just a Lil something to make your better best. I’m here for it.

  4. I realize there is a rush to accept this with open arms but the truth is: if a dude shows up to a date with makeup on his face it will be an immediate turn off for both gay men and straight women. It screams narcissism, insecurity and yes, effeminate characteristics no one is looking for in a man.

    If this is being used for corrective skin issues (like vitiligo) I would be more understanding. I don’t see it being marketed for any purpose other than vanity.

  5. nothing wrong with make up just make sure we take care of our natural skin as well. Stay hydrated and keep your skin and scalp moisturized.

  6. People really need to let go of the stigma attached to men wearing makeup. When these actors/rappers do movies, videos, interviews,tv appearances, etc..90% of the time they are wearing MAKEUP.

    1. ^hell the ones promoting “good skin” to make you buy the product are wearing makeup.
      everything is an illusion online and even in real life.

  7. I think a lot of it has to do with the stereotypical image of a male wearing make up. They have always been EXTREMELY feminine so not only was the straight community turned off so were many in the gay community. Things have evolved.

    1. ^things are def different.
      males are boldly promoting using makeup now.
      i think this social media era of perfection and glowing skin was the cause of it.

      1. Also I don’t think old dude was doing kissy lips. I think he was trying to snarl but them lips are too big…lol

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