so why was mike holston aka the real tarzann arrested?

so this is some real random news i got on my desk.

Michael Holston aka The Real Tarzann arrested

he’s one of those types that’s really under the radar.
he cares heavy about animals,
cool with ramses principe,
and has many celeb connects.
kim k and diddy are some of his people.
so how did he end up arrested and currently still in jail?

Michael Holston, better known as the “Real Tarzann,” is behind bars Saturday at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Miami-Dade County. He is being held without bond.

The unconventional wildlife advocate was arrested Friday afternoon. Miami-Dade County Circuit Judge Linda Diaz ordered him to stay away from Hector Zelaya and Jason Leon.

Holston, 25, is facing felony burglary, felony battery and misdemeanor battery charges.


so who has the real scoop of why he got arrested?

his bail is 6,500 and he’s still in jail.
i’m shocked none of his “friends” have bailed him out.
i’ve heard mike is an allegedly a colorist and homophobe.
i don’t know how true those allegations are,
but his arrest is all rather interesting.
f-bi: can get us the scoop asap.

article cc: local10 miami

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “so why was mike holston aka the real tarzann arrested?”

  1. ALLEGEDLY he had beef in the streets. some dudes pulled up on him and it went down. it ended with him almost getting shot and going to jail. a mess smh. and if you go to @pjbraunfitness’s page, he claims mike stole 6k from him.

    ramses seems unbothered. he’s doing his usual IG story posting every 10mins 😂

      1. you’d think he would only have beef with a lion or some animal hunter.

        I wondered why this was a recently commented story. I can’t with you this morning Jamari!!!!

  2. So he’s a homophobe? Really…. Hmm he could have fooled me. He seems to be sexually fluid at least that’s the vibes I get from him just watching his stories and life on the Gram. Very eccentric almost to the point of bi-polar, he over does his love for animals to the point where I feel the animals are tired of him. To me he goes out of his way to over protect / over indulge the animals and you wonder is he doing this for love or for likes? Not even the White Tarzan loves animals as much as this brother!!!

    Seems to me to be the latter. He having beef with people is also surprising as he seems to be that get along with everyone type of guy and everyone loves him because he’s the modern day St. Francis of Florida! So how can this ‘saint’ be locked up for fighting and allegedly money problems ? Seems interesting and not hearing from him on the Gram you know something is wrong as he’s a prolific poster of animal news , A Day in the Life of Tarzan!!!

    Tarzan a homophobe?? Now that’s big news as when these Gram celebrities fail to show any woman with them cuddling, vacationing or eating out with them on their Gram profile you have to wonder who is zooming whom? I mean everyone needs sex and I have to admit sometimes I wonder how does Tarzan gets his rocks off as he seems to be surrounded by animals all the time. Where does he go to masturbate?

    I will follow this story!!!

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