how i got involved with male makeup and “damage control”

Let’s have a conversation.
This will be a two-part entry…

 my skin was absolute trash.
my teenage acne still had no chill when i turned 20.
because i had so many pimples,
they left a ton of acne scarring on my face.
people would legit comment on how bad my skin use to be.
one weekend in the early 00s,
i went on a weekend getaway trip to see good friends who lived in the dmv.
there was this wolf i was kinda talking-ish to that i wanted to meet up with.
he had a girlfriend
or a boyfriend
i can’t remember tbh,
but he wanted to get a drink on saturday night.
for what i can remember,
that weekend was a good one as far as pimples,
but the acne scars were outta control.
my good friend at the time was a very “face forward” type of fox.
he was all about your visuals and presentation.

“We need to do some damage control on you.”

i’ll never forget how i chuckled at those words.
damage control“.
so he took me to a walmart and…

…got me some “damage control” in my shade.

we bought a foundation and a bronzer.
i didn’t know shit about makeup and thought it was for vixens only.
i thought it involved blush,
eye shadow,
and lipstick.
when we went back to my hotel,
he applied it so it looked natural.
my acne scars vanished and my skin looked smooth.
it made me look like what i was trying to achieve:

The clear model-like skin

he cleaned up my brows with a tweezer and really had me looking dope af for this link.
i felt really confident when i looked at myself in the mirror.

the wolf asked me to meet him at arundel mills mall and follow him to a bar.
when i drove up to his car,
he was a cute ass yellow bone wolf,
average build,
with a fly ass whip.
we ended up going to a spot next to dave and busters or at dave and busters.
i can’t remember,
but we were really into each other.
the alcohol and feeling more confident about this new me had me open af.
he got us a room close by and…

He fucked the entire shit outta me

i can’t remember…
but i do remember how good that dick was tho.
he fucked me for 2 rounds like someone who was cheating.
he bussed my ass stupid and left shortly after,
but being a novice to all things makeup,
i didn’t realize my face would be all over the sheets.

in 2021,
between a dermatologist and products,
it helped fade my acne scarring.
i get a few pimples here and there,
along with some razor bumps,
but it’s def not how it was back in the day when you could play connect the dots on my facial.

i still keep some damage control in the clip tho.
i’ve done my research so i know what and how to use it from my novice days.
even though my skin is good,
i still get insecure about it sometimes.
that past friend would be really proud.
part 2 coming in a few.

lowkey: one thing about me,
when i want to learn something,
i’ll spend hours researching and perfecting it.
my virgo moon says hello.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “how i got involved with male makeup and “damage control””

    1. ^ that is broderick hunter in that gif.
      i wished i looked like that,
      but i’m attractive in my own right.

      dude pulled the “i’m in a relationship” excuse after he fucked me senseless too.
      thank God i’m didn’t go crazy after i got dicked down the way i did 😂

    1. Exactly use andis cordless clippers on the chin down. Razor if ever should only be for moustache and beard line or straight razor

      Also pfb vanish with chromabright fades scars or “tend skin” another good product u can use it anywhere on your body

      For body hair removal I don’t shave I use nair with cocoa butter or baby oil and then aloe and astringent in the days after to not develop burn

      Everyone 25+ should be using spf50 and reapplying after 4-6 hours using eye creams and rollers

      These are things I learned over my life on how to stay plump and youthful in the face with no scars

      1. ^love you putting folks on to that nair.

        i see you.
        everyone should have a good eye cream and moisturizer as well.

        try to always look at close to a filter as possible.
        you shouldn’t look completely different in real life.

  1. I’m terrified of nair I heard horror stories from folks and online about burns on genitals. Nah I’m good with trimming or waxing for now

  2. I use nair on my ass and around my hole, but I always put a layer of vasoline on my hole first, it acts like a barrier and keeps it from getting burned.

    1. ^i was very nervous writing this,
      but i said “fuck it” and went in.

      i’m happy to see the responses.
      it made me smile.
      i love a good skincare/damage control discussion.

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