hi, i’m an empath and i f*cked up my vibe watching some sh*t on netlflix

i’ll never forget how scared i was when i went to see spike lee’s,
summer of sam“.
i remember karaoke dropping me home and running my ass into my building.
she was equally as scared too.
i’m not scared of myers,
or voorhies.
i’ll admit i was shook over chuckie and zombies as a kid tho.
“summer of sam” was based on a real serial killer in new yawk by the name of david berkowitz.
his thing was shooting people,
either in cars or walking,
at point-blank range.
he claims his next-door neighbor’s dog told him to kill people.
he had this city in a headlock in the late 70s.
the case always fascinated me tbh.
i decided to watch the first episode of “the sons of sam: a descent into darkness” on netflix yesterday…


but i can’t fuck with the other 3 episodes…

That shit fucked my energy real bad.

that show started getting real demonic.
i’m learning i’m a pretty high functioning empath in these forests.
i can pick up on energy really quickly.
i have to be careful with what i let into my space.
i made this VN for my secret tapes:


lowkey: i think if a serial killer hit this city in this decade,
it would end up being a meme or a dance challenge.
technology is so advanced that it wouldn’t last long.

the hood would still be outside,
begging for him/her/it/them to pull up.

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8 thoughts on “hi, i’m an empath and i f*cked up my vibe watching some sh*t on netlflix

  1. I watched the whole series and thought it was insane/cool LOL. I’m a Scorpio moon so the occult doesn’t scare me. I find it interesting 🥴 I’m convinced the NY police was in on the killings and part of that cult because why the hell didn’t they look deeper into the case when all that new evidence was presented Smh.

    1. I find documentaries like this interesting as well. I like to see what was/is going through a person’s mind to make them do something like that.

      Police departments do stuff like that because they don’t like to be made to look like they don’t know what they’re doing, or that they got it wrong. You have a lot of people in jail for shyt they didn’t do because a cop didn’t have the balls to stand up and say I got it wrong. That’s sad.
      Case in point, one of the detective that was investigating the Central park/Exonerated Five. DNA evidence cleared them, and he still says that they did it (kinda like that idiot Trump). Dude, SCIENCE proved your dirty tactics wrong…and he can’t let it go. SMH

  2. Sadly, if it happened in the hood it probably wouldn’t be examined as much and a person probably could get away with a few bodies. Look at the dude that was killing women in Cleveland and storing the bodies in his home. The fact that he lived near a meat factory was a perfect cover for him, because they got the blame for the foul smell. But if that shyt were to happen in the burbs, you better believe they’d be over it…media and police. Plus, with so many CCTV cameras everywhere I think it would be VERY hard for a person to get away with that for a long period of time.

    I haven’t watched the documentary yet. But even though I think he acted alone, the guy behind it seems to think a cult may have been involved. I want to see what make him think that.

    1. Theirs a Documentary called the Grim sleeper from HBO
      Rumored to have killed and/or kidnapped over 125 women in the hoods of LA….the movie was also exposing the authority’s lack of response due to most of the women being black.

      And lowley I think they’re are many serial killers out there, I believe they changed their strategies knowing more people are watching these days.

      1. That’s the black guy right? He was a mechanic or something like that? I didn’t see the HBO documentary, but I saw another one about him on Discovery ID.
        There are definitely some psychos out there. People are crazy.

  3. I feel you on people’s energy. People don’t value this enough probably because it doesn’t sound “scientific” but to anyone who is reading….if you ever find yourself with a group of people who don’t seem right, don’t seem sane, but rather awkward…RUN, don’t walk, To me it is a combination of things…facial expressions, movements, improper humor, just plain ol strangeness. I neglected my intuition and found myself in a flock of narcissists and psychopaths. They just DONT seem right,

  4. I just can’t but give you props for making it through the first episode. I did watch The Underground Railroad, which is so well done, and can deal with some violent fictional stuff on TV but I’d have to see nothing but weeks of good news to be able to sit through all the episodes of this. Some of us can only take so much trauma.

    Given Covid-19 plus the country coming apart at the seams last year plus all the people who’re roaming NYC’s and other cities’ streets homeless and mentally ill plus all the violence here and across the globe plus everything else I don’t need an added dollop of a serial killer documentary series or one stalking people in real life. Not today, Satan! LOL


      i gotta fill my spirit with good energy now.
      that first was too dark for me.
      it seems it drove the gentleman who made it mad too.

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