if you’re a male and want to wear makeup, alex rodriguez might have the right shade for you!

it is taboo to talk about males who wear makeup.
when we think of males who wear makeup,
it’s always associated with the feminine.
in reality,
a shit ton of males wear makeup besides celebs.
everyone isn’t blessed to have model-like skin.
let’s not act like we don’t live in a very narc world where we need to look perfect.
filters are great for if you never plan on being outside,
like ever,
so some males learn how to apply makeup that looks natural.
ex-baseball baller wolf,
alex rodriguez,
is coming out with a male makeup line with “hims“…

uh oh,
he steppin’ on his ex jlo’s beauty bag.

all jokes aside,
i’ve heard of the product “hims” for hair stuff,
but never actually tried it.

if you want to wear makeup:

Who cares.

there are males out here wearing a shit ton of makeup and bagging the sexist of pineapples.
it’s also your money and life.
some males will be like:

“I don’t like males who wear makeup.”

you aren’t fuckin’ or planning to fuck who said that so they don’t need to worry.

i will say that i’ve always been a fan of a good tinted moisturizer.

Fenty Beauty came out with one called “Eaze Drop“.

via “ x glamour“:

The Eaze Drop is the brand’s first skin tint, and it comes in 25 flexible shades that correspond to the brand’s existing foundation shades. It offers buildable light-to-medium coverage, can be quickly applied with your fingers, and is a long-wearing formula. It has a natural finish and, like the name suggests, blurs pores and wrinkles thanks to the brand’s “Quickblur Complex.” It also claims to be humidity-, sweat-, and transfer-resistant, and it’s noncomedogenic. 

if you don’t want to put on any foundation,
this is a more low-key option for your needs.
if you want to put on something other than a concealer,
you can try “bright fix eye brightener“:

via “x makeupmuddle“:

Like the best sleep of your life—in a tap. Bright Fix, infused with HydraBlend Complex, instantly hydrates, brightens, blurs and corrects. Just a drop delivers a fast, natural, no-makeup makeup effect with sheer to buildable coverage.

The lightweight, serum-like texture smoothly melts into skin, feels comfortable, and leaves a flawless finish. Rushed mornings are a habit. This is the quick fix. Crease-, humidity-, and sweat-resistant, longwear formula.”

so there are options if you don’t wanna go the full makeup route.
if you do:

Please learn your correct shade.

don’t be looking crazy AND obvious out here.

try out alex rodriguez: hims

fenty beauty: eaze drop | bright fix eye brightener

11 thoughts on “if you’re a male and want to wear makeup, alex rodriguez might have the right shade for you!

  1. I feel like we’ve been through the whole “men’s makeup” thing before but no one has truly been successful with it. Kinda like skirts on men. Fashion forward types push this every so many years but it never seems to REALLY catch on. Imma look into ARod’s concealer, tho…

  2. Celebrity men wear makeup all the time when they go on TV. Some don’t go on screen without it. I don’t think this line will be successful because like everybody said you better off finding women makeup. If they wanted it to sell, they should’ve talked to Rupaul. Show the queens wearing it and profits would definitely go up.

    1. ^i think,
      and this isn’t to be offensive,
      but the straight males even considering wearing need to see someone they can relate with seeing it.
      rupaul wouldn’t represent that so arod and baller wolves may help the push.

      maybe rupaul teaching a male how to apply makeup naturally would help too.
      fenty has some tutorials for male makeup with their products too.

  3. It’s marketing. Men can buy the same brands as women for makeup. There doesn’t need to be a gender specific line. HIMS is basic hence ARod being a spokesperson.

  4. Don’t buy men’s makeup, the mark up is high. Just use women’s makeup. You will have more options and better price points.

      1. The basics
        Tinted moisturizer
        Or light foundation

        Concealer for dark under eyes

        And a pressed powder to reduce shine

        ……and for over achievers a brow gel to help lay and shape the brows.

        You are welcome. You can get all.of this for less than $25 at target .

  5. Male beauty is a lucrative niche and he’s smart to play into it with his name instead of creating his own and flopping. All of this is interesting along with Chanel’s men’s line. Idk how I feel about it yet…

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