no one gives a F*CK about your reputation

stop worrying about your reputation.
it means nothing out in these forests.
fairytales told us that the good ones win in the end.
*cough* bullshit.
they said the villains get defeated and banished from all the lands.
*cough* more bullshit.
i was having a conversation with the pretty vixen yesterday about reputations.
i was telling her that you gotta look good in other eyes but she countered it’s all lies…

…and it’s truth.

look at all these scammers on social media.
most of us throw money at them because they’re selling used toothpicks.
i always wondered why but…

People are seeking out what they’re familiar with.

We are too friendly.
We are too accessible.
We reach out to see if folks are good.
We listen to other’s issues hoping for the same in return.
We play by the rules to keep our reputations intact,
but again,
it’s all bullshit.

in real life,
these social media “straight” wolves would ignore and shun us.
the fact we get to see them naked and fuckin’,
which fulfills our secret fantasies,
is why we make them kings on their platforms.
some of the popular gays would look down on you unless you were equally as poppin’.
they only like your likes on their pics and videos.
they don’t actually like you.
we naturally gravitate to who is popular because it’s a reminder of high school,
regardless if their reps are trash or not.

I’ve always been treated as an outsider.
I guess thats why I don’t get a bigger push unlike my counterparts on Beyonce’s internet.

the crazy part if i was to say fuck it and bust it wide open on onlyfans:

“OMG I’m so disappointed in Jamari!
I didn’t think he would ever do something like this!”

my advice is to worry about your character.
popularity comes,
and comes back again.
the public picks their kings and queens.
you don’t fit in with those folks because you might be better than them.

You are way bigger than them.

i’ve started to stop worrying about my reputation.
i am gonna do jamari and if you fucks with that,
if not then the “go fuck yourself” is thatta way ——>

i’m not gonna purposely fuck up my reputation,
but it’s not as serious to me anymore.
there are hyenas and jackals out here that are demonic and thriving.
some of us love to make a demon thrive.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

One thought on “no one gives a F*CK about your reputation”

  1. People are fickle and they have short attention spans. Don’t live for others opinions it’s not worth it. Plus you can t please everyone even you tried. So live your life.

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