no one gives a F*CK about your reputation

stop worrying about your reputation.
it means nothing out in these forests.
fairytales told us that the good ones win in the end.
*cough* bullshit.
they said the villains get defeated and banished from all the lands.
*cough* more bullshit.
i was having a conversation with the pretty vixen yesterday about reputations.
i was telling her that you gotta look good in other eyes but she countered it’s all lies…

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Taylor Swift Has Annoyed Me With Her “Reputation”

you know i love music.
it’s true that certain albums “don’t make sense” until you experience it.
for whatever reason,
i been listening to madonna’s catalog these last few months.
“i get it”.
taylor swift,
a “problematic” snow bunny in the black community,
pulled me in with her “1989” album.
this whole “reputation” era >>>>>
“outta the woods” and “clean” what?!?!
some of the lyrics in her newest songs i “get”.
this might be like throwing a diamond in the ocean but…
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It’s Not Me; It’s You (Your Character Just Simply Sucks)

tumblr_mkdc5ak3th1s4yxbzo1_500i’m up.
i been up since 3am.
i had some stuff on my mind.
i have the internet paper,
so time to allow my fingers to release it…
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Ya’ll Respect The Shot, but Jamari Respects The Shooter.

the joker.
the riddler.
poison ivy.

i have always been a fan of superheroes.
but, I have always been a bigger fan of super villains.
something about them intrigued me.
the reasons for why they turned “bad” were often valid points.

joker wanted batman to smile.
poison ivy wanted people to treat the planet better.
venom kills people who commit any crimes.
magneto hated how people treated mutants.
cat woman wasn’t “bad”, she was more versatile.

but, I often wondered if these people were really “bad”,
or were they just hurt?
I started to wonder…

Is there such a thing as a genuinely “good guy“?

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Rumor Has It, You Are Nothing But An Insecure Little B*tch

Do you judge a book by it’s cover?

I will admit that I do.

Some books just do not catch our interest at all.
Sometimes they just LOOK boring.
You have to take too much time to read the shit.
We are usually over it and move onto something else.
But, we will run to the pick up the books with a eye catching cover.
Maybe even because it looks like it won’t take long to read.
But, I am starting to realize that the books without the “extra” have the best stories.
You may even learn something new.
As humans with short attention spans,
anything worth the read is not worth the time these days.
Coming off to smart may actually repel; coming off too stupid attracts.
I had to wonder…

Should we just give some “books” a chance?

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My Inner Hoe Is a Bad Influence on my Life!!!!

We all have an Inner Hoe

… and it seems to always emerge ESPECIALLY in this damn lifestyle!
Although I think some of you hoes lost the battle and just traded places.
I know a few that keep their Inner Hoes contained properly.
Only to let them out when we are about to have sex with their Wolves/the right ones.
Others, however, I have seen keeping theirs in their back pockets or even as their own Gods.
But, what if you aven’t had it in so long that your Inner Hoe is starting to rebel?
Do you find the nearest Bible and repent?
Or, do you keep Inner Hoe in a cage until you meet the right person to let loose on?

How well have you trained your Inner Hoe?

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