It’s Not Me; It’s You (Your Character Just Simply Sucks)

tumblr_mkdc5ak3th1s4yxbzo1_500i’m up.
i been up since 3am.
i had some stuff on my mind.
i have the internet paper,
so time to allow my fingers to release it…

so around the time i was going through hell at work,
my old boss hired this jackal to our department.
he started out pretty cool with me,
but as soon as he saw the shiny new toys (aka liar liar),
he started being real funny towards me.

well ain’t it funny…

it was revealed today he is under investigation for stealing company time.
he also has been getting bad reviews for his work ethic.
he started to get real stagnant because he was at the “cool table”.
well liar liar pretty much talks shit about him so…

…ain’t it funny?

tumblr_m32trnW4eX1qaf90uo9_r1_250i was walking through 125th today.
in that area of harlem,
there are a ton of street vendors selling things on the sidewalks.
many sell incense,
accessories for outfits,
oils of your favorite perfumes/colognes,
and a little of any and everything.
i was looking for some white sage.
i like to burn sage to remove any negativity around me.
it works.
it also makes my crib feel really peaceful.

so i got to this vendor and he had the sage i was looking for.
he was by himself on that particular sidewalk.
well he told me a big one was 14 and the smaller bags were  4.

ok cool.

when i reached into my wallet,
i only had 3 dollars and two 20s.
he didn’t have any change for my big bills.

“so do this…
give me the 3 dollars and you can owe me the other 1 next time.

okay then cool.

so i gave him the 3 dollars,
but my foxy senses was buzzing.
it told me to break a 20 somewhere and give him that dollar.
i went into a store,
got some change,
and politely walked back to hand him the dollar.

thank you.
you are a pretty honest fox.
other people have walked right past me that owe money.”

i am definitely not a perfect fox,
but i like to think i am a pretty decent fox.
life has not made me bitter,
nor have i allowed it to break me.
i have had a ton of negative shit happen,
but i still try to remain as optimistic about life as i can.
it ain’t easy,
but it works.
i always believe blessings are right around the corner.
it was a blessing today at work when this wolf was exposed.
he was apart of trying to bring me down at work,
listening to an even bigger dumb ass,
but who now has the bad rep today?
with the people who are most important.
the higher ups.

they both tried to throw stones at me from behind glass.
when someone is out to hurt me,
they end up failing and being exposed for their trifling ways.

in life,
there will always be jackals and hyenas who try to bring you down.
they will turn against you,
but its your character that should speak volumes.
people can sense when you aren’t about the fuck shyt.
so when it comes time for judgment,
you know that nothing can be used against you.
you don’t have to prove yourself to people.
kissing ass and being in everyone’s face reeks of corn ball behavior.
its when you have the choice of being an asshole or a good animal,
how quickly you respond to doing good deeds,
and making sure you are on point in every aspect of your life.
not everyone needs to be fought.
letting people drag you through the mud can be the best defense.
if their reputation is flimsy,
they will break sooner or later.
life always has a way of showing us the real characters of people.
the ones who throw rocks behind glass.
people can be stupid and end up destroying themselves.
ain’t it funny?


15 thoughts on “It’s Not Me; It’s You (Your Character Just Simply Sucks)

  1. My sister burns that sage. My mom thought she was doing witchcraft. Lmao!

    I just sat on the floor Indian style and started chanting “I bind you Nancy! Bind you from harming yourself and others! ”


  2. I’m sorry you have so many knives aimed at your back. I’m just happy karma is on your side. Under handed crap like this pisses me off. At least this is a sure sign your doing something right and moving up. If you were crappy at your job then no one would be paying attention to you and working to break you down. Trust me you’re doing something right. 🙂

  3. Love the post Jamari, we’re so similar! I feel the exact same way when it comes to situations like this. I refuse to kiss ass and force people to like me and I certainly don’t believe in trying to “get even.” It has no purpose in my opinion and takes far too much energy. I just let go and let God handle it.

    1. ^i notice everyone at my job kisses all the higher ups tails.
      the key is to be yourself.
      if I see a higher up,
      I’ll speak or I may not.
      once you train people in positions of power that you are a dog,
      they will expect you to roll over and play fetch.

      it’s all about gaining respect and not selling yourself to the highest bidder.
      most blacks in corporate do this type of shit and have the nerve to ignore other blacks who were once on their same level.

      1. I’ve heard that! One of my former professors (who used to be lawyer) said that she got the most help from White men. She said that many Black people did not want to help her (especially other Black women).

  4. Karma karma karma. She always does her job one way or another. It’s a shame that that guy couldn’t think for himself and instead of being a leader decide to be a follower(I swear adult life is just just like high school).

  5. I agree… keep a Pure Heart!

    I never understood why some people I’ve worked & went to school with were so evil & conniving. It’s like they fed off of trying to ruin or make everyone’s life miserable. I figured they felt threatened and deep down were miserable people. (Misery Loves Company)! I could never do people wrong like they have done me. I don’t have the heart for it. (It’s draining!) Even though I do have a ratchet side (only a few have seen it)……everytime I thought about seeking revenge I couldn’t.

    That guy at your job is probably kicking himself b/c he knew he allowed himself to get swept up by the “in” crowd. He allowed others insecurities & thoughts to influence him and those same people is now talking about him???
    There is definitely a lesson to be learned from this story.

    1. It’s so funny because these people continuously find themselves falling into the same toxic cycle. there is no winning with their mentality. Even when they do seem like they’re winning. it’s almost always an illusion.

    2. ^good comment tommy!

      welp he laid with dogs and ended up with fleas.
      another win for me at this job.
      I always felt my life was about timing.
      the times I shouldn’t have spoken were not the right times.
      everything lead up to this.

      all you have to do is wait.

  6. Great post Jamari.
    I am the say way. I hate owing people things, it just eats away at you slowly.
    In regards to people and their karma; I rest easy knowing that everything we say and do catches up with you. If I know I’m doing the best and right thing and being the best person I can be, it will be recognized.

    This is why I don’t worry about what other people are doing negatively (to me or in general). I know they will get theirs, and I will get mine. Life is strange in that way.

    1. ^as long as you have a pure heart,
      people can do what they want.
      it always comes back to them once the dust settles.
      which is why most people fail when fuckin’ with me.
      as much as I want revenge,
      i just leave it all to god and go about my business.

      1. That’s the smart way to go about it! We can’t let nobodies have an effect on us when we are going to become “somebody”.

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