Taylor Swift Has Annoyed Me With Her “Reputation”

you know i love music.
it’s true that certain albums “don’t make sense” until you experience it.
for whatever reason,
i been listening to madonna’s catalog these last few months.
“i get it”.
taylor swift,
a “problematic” snow bunny in the black community,
pulled me in with her “1989” album.
this whole “reputation” era >>>>>
“outta the woods” and “clean” what?!?!
some of the lyrics in her newest songs i “get”.
this might be like throwing a diamond in the ocean but…

Is the new album any good?

i’m hearing a lot of mixed reviews.
black folks are not with it so they hate it on sight.
my beef is she decided she won’t be putting it on spotify.
this is how i’ve been listening to music,
in a fit of rage,
i cancelled apple music because it messed up my albums.
i’m very particular (ocd) and they violated.
i don’t even want to get into that.
so taylor,
what’s good?
this last album i bought was “anti” and that’s because i’m a navy.
i just got into taylor with “1989”.
being honest.
it’s bad i’m legit mad she is selling her album instead of streaming.
you know times have changed.
she still gets paid for stream clicks tho.
i could be hunting it for free. i’ll wait until she decides to get off her high horse.

lowkey: she has changed her swagg completely.
she performed on snl last night…


it kills me when i hear she can’t sing:


she sounds like the record.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Has Annoyed Me With Her “Reputation””

  1. Let me tell you…I hate Apple. I begrudgingly bought an iPod because I left my Zune player in a rental car, and Microsoft had thrown in the towel and decided to forgo an mp3 player after getting their ass kicked in the marketplace. Pretty sad because it was a great device and I didn’t have as much trouble with it as I’m having with the iPod! Every time I update this damn thing, it wipes out songs from my library. Really pisses me off.

    That being said, do like I do. On YouTube, go to the Topic page and put in the artist’s name. 9 times out of 10, you’ll find the whole album there. I usually download the songs I like with the YouTube to mp3 player, and you have the songs!

    I haven’t listened to Taylor’s disc yet, but I do like Kelly Clarkson’s new disc. There’s like 5 songs that really stand out to me, and if I like that many songs on a disc…it’s OK with me.

    1. I totally agree with you about Kelly Clarkson’s cd!!! It’s really good…soulful, pop with a country sound. It’s good!!

    2. I don’t always keep up with Kelly Clarkson, but she’s an amazing singer. I think she is so talented, and is consistent in putting out good real music. She’s not as flashy as most of the pop artists these days, but she’s still out here pumping out music since her days on AI, which is saying a lot. I still don’t really know Taylor’s music because she just doesn’t do it for me, and is boring. I don’t get the hype. I don’t hate her or have any strong feelings about her, if she’s successful for whatever reason, that’s great, but I don’t care much for her. Give me a Kelly Clarkson ANYday! I really like: “Behind these Hazel Eyes” by her. Great song.

      I love that she’s a real girl and is authentic, and embraces being a normal human being. I have a lot of respect for her.

      1. Diggy…I will go on record saying I was a Kelly Clarkson hater during her run on AI, but when she came out with Miss Independent, she made me a fan. As each album came out, she made me even more of a fan as some her songs just really made an impact on me. I love beats, but I’m a lyric person when it comes to songs. If the lyrics touch me, it’s a wrap.

        As much as I love the original version of “Behind These Hazel Eyes” this remix is my shyt!!


      2. I feel you Christian! I´m the same way about lyrics, and melodies too, a good melody can draw me in and hook me lol. Yes she, has grown on me over the years more and more. I was sleeping on her, and kind of kept forgetting about her, but she was always around and crept up on me. Every now and then she comes out with that song that really seems to resonate with people.

        S/N: I checked out that remix link you gave, it’s dope!!

    3. Kelly is one of the ones who has made a decision to steer clear of the fame machine. Im sure she could be bigger of she really wanted too. Great voice.

    4. @ Christian… Im mad you said Zune. Havent seen or heard anyone having one of those in years. lol. The problem with Apple is that it use to be a quality product, until Steve Jobs ass got money hungry and they decided to forgo the quality for profits. I heard so many people keep having issues with their Apple products. My friend recently got rid of his iphone got an Android device, was bitching about the Android device. And then decided to go with the Galaxy (which is an Android device, go figure) but his ass is obsessed with his new Samsung. I really want the brand new Samsung that’s coming out. Good luck, with getting a proper update with your ipod. I heard that Apple teach support can be a mofo.

      1. LOL. Yeah…I said Zune! I had a ZuneHD and had NO problems with it, like I am with this damn iPod.
        I was heated when I read Microsoft was giving up on support for the product. I was even more heated when I realized when I left it in that rental vehicle in ATL.

        I agree, Apple was at one time a quality product, but they DEFINITELY have become profit driven, as evidenced by the release of the same item each successive year. Not to mention the quality has gone downhill, with the products becoming stale. I refuse to buy a new iPod OR iPad. I will make do with my 5th Generation models. They will not get my money each time a new model comes out.

  2. Taylor has always given me kids bop. I liked the song Gorgeous. But that’s it. Her best song in my opinion was that first single. Tear drops on my guitar, that song is so beautiful. It takes me back to simpler time in my life.

    1. D112..I agree. When she first came on the scene, she was like the big advocate for the “outcast” type of girls. That was her audience. As ach album came out, she progressed more and more mainstream, and her audience grew. My favorite songs from her are I Knew You Were Trouble and Style.

      1. Hmm. Never thought of taylor as the outcast type. She was always model thin and blonde girl pretty. I do think that her going pop was always the plan tho. I cackled when she announced that 1989 was her first pop album.

      1. Yeah, she did play the “I’m the girl next door vs. the cheerleader” thing back in her “You Belong with me” days, but now it seems she’s going down a different route. Either way, it seems to be working for her.

  3. It’s not on Spotify so I won’t be listening. Beyonce & Jay-Z do the same thing. Releases an album & only puts it first on Tidal & iTunes. Um, bye. You ain’t that special boo, I’ll go listen to other artists who put better music on Spotify.

    1. LOL right? I listen to none of those artists anyway so I’m not missing anything. Though, I wanted to check out Prince’s work on SPotify and he wasn’t on it. I think he might be on there now though…

  4. I just find it funny when a white girl goes hard in the music game it means sporting bed head and fish net stockings and we are all shocked over it……really?

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