let’s get into “trade” (because we like trade getting into us)

according to “urban dictionary“,
the top definition is:

“A young hyper-masculine looking gay man, usually black or latino in urban contexts. Trade typically dress in urban clothing and play to the thug stereotype. The term “trade” originated from the notion that these men were only gay for pay– thus they would “trade” sex for money. In recent years, the term has come to refer to any gay men of color who dress in hip-hop inspired clothing and play into the masc fetish.”

x see the many other definitions

trade usually means a “wolf” (top) within the gay community.
trade can be any age,
but it mostly means a male who is on the dl.
i felt like fine ass “darius” on pose would be “trade”:


urbanflixtv” decided to make a movie about trade.
it’s called “trade“.
this is the trailer

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Taylor Swift Has Annoyed Me With Her “Reputation”

you know i love music.
it’s true that certain albums “don’t make sense” until you experience it.
for whatever reason,
i been listening to madonna’s catalog these last few months.
“i get it”.
taylor swift,
a “problematic” snow bunny in the black community,
pulled me in with her “1989” album.
this whole “reputation” era >>>>>
“outta the woods” and “clean” what?!?!
some of the lyrics in her newest songs i “get”.
this might be like throwing a diamond in the ocean but…
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