Borrell JR Is Adding Something New To His Attentionisto Resume

we haven’t talked about borrell jr in a while.
he use to be the rage in the foxhole for a hot minute.
well borrell jr has a new career venture he wants to share.
he sings
i don’t know what you call it.
he is now doing that “reggaeton” thing.
this is what a foxholer sent in me…

sounds pretty wack,
but he has a solid stan-base that will eat it up.
i can’t wait to see him perform that little number.
he should stick to being an attentionisto

and stripping

…and even throw in a sex tape for good measure.

lowkey: borrell is about his hustle tho.
he would take off his shirt for sewer water if it got him a check.
can’t hate?
i do appreciate this tho:

when you use your attentionisto platform for good>>>
is it me or his tail gotten bigger?

23 thoughts on “Borrell JR Is Adding Something New To His Attentionisto Resume

  1. Lol y’all got all of this from 15 seconds of videos that you could barely here? FOH black gays are so damn judgemental. No wonder why we’re last to be chosen

  2. Another niqqa thats trying to be a singer/rapper. Jamari I know u get me. Unfortunately for him, there is no Love & Hiphop in burritoville wherever tf he’s from. I’ll only tune in when I see these attentionistos getting their backs blown out.

  3. Borrell and maravilla are not boyfriends any more then I heard they used to fuck and dance at those gay clubs that you can take the go go in the private rooms and have with them

  4. I admire his hustle. He started out as a baseball player, as I recall. Then, stripper, sponsored instagram model, maybe a little escorting on the side. He’s using what he has to get what he wants and I cant fault him for that. With all the ink and the roid bod, he is fast moving away from what I’d like to see. But, when he starts doing porn, I will tune in. Maravilla has a better bod but not as much hustle and isn’t monetizing his 15 minutes as well as he might. Sadly, Ive heard them both speak both English and Spanish and rather than bilingual, they come across as bi-illiterate.

      1. I know, right! I’ve heard them try to speak English…it’s not their strong points, but perhaps Pierre can let us know how good their English really is.
        Perhaps they can be like many Hispanics/Latinos who pretend that they don’t know how to speak English so well…until you piss them off. Then they speak VERY clearly. LOL

  5. I saw this post with THAT name and my face went blank, I came into this post and saw his picture, my face was still blank..I’ve read this entire font and viewed it’s video content, and yet, my face remains blank.

    I am unwavering, unconcerned and unimpressed by his attempts for acceptance into society based on shallow concepts including but not limited to: washboard abs, misguided machoism and jailhouse tattoos.

      1. i think it’s because Maravilla facially looks better and more model like. idk neither of them got a thing on Franco Noriega, he’s a legit fashion model with exposure and two restaurants, and effortlessly sexy.

      2. @mikey…Franco is handsome, no doubt about it…but I think Borrell got them both beat. He’s not a bad looking guy at all.
        Maravilla’s body is a bit bulkier/muscular than Borrell’s, but I think Borrell is the better looking of the bunch. But to each his own.

      3. Mannnn they not applying themselves. You’re bilingual! You can get a whole host of good jobs from that alone with a little bit of education.

        These dudes want attention lol

      4. Idk JAY, I don’t think they speak that much English, or do they? It doesn’t seem like it. Well, it doesn’t seem like their English is good enough for bilingual type of jobs. I could be wrong though.

  6. I’m sending you my doctor bill. I got Bronchitis in this cold ass weather and that fucking GIF made me laugh-cough. You KNOW that hurts!! πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜©

  7. I want to give an an A for effort, but I think I’m just going to shake my head and pretend I didn’t read this post. Not because it wasn’t an excellent entry, Jamari, but because I hate when I see men like Borrell embarrassing themselves lol.

  8. Whack af. These dudes are always adding something to their “resumes,” that has no substance.

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