so, uh, can giveon sing or nah?

oh giveon…
when jay said “death of autotune“,
some of ya’ll got so offended.
autotune is a crutch for many “singers” today.
it has helped many become “studio singers“.
i reallllllllllllllly enjoyed giveon’s last album.
“heartbreak anniversary” got me through some tough times.
as you know,
he performed at the bet awards this past weekend:

…and had the nerve to blame it on bet and his mic messing up.

yvette nicole brown,
called him out for his lying…

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(here’s johnny!) who knew johnny middlebrooks wrote and performed his own songs?

every male,
no matter how fine or regula degula,
has a little bit of cornball in them.
we all can’t be perfect.
it’s that “still smooth wit it” that keeps people interested.
johnny “gatdamn” middlebrooks.
he had me at:

well he’s on this season’s “love island usa” on cbs…


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Hiiiii everyone!!! BIG NEWS. This is Johnnys sister, Olivia, and I’ll be taking over his Instagram account for the next couple weeks because our boy Johnny is going to be on season 2 of LOVE ISLAND USA! 🌴 Could not be more excited for him and I know all of you probably feel the same way. Keep updated on this account and turn on post notifications to see what he’s up to throughout the duration of the show and when the time comes to see how you can vote vote vote. I’ll also be posting on my account @ooliviajane with updates and photos as well. Season premieres august 24, don’t forget to tune in. GO JOHNNY!! – reposted from @loveislandusa #loveislandusa

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but two things…

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jussie smollett sends us all a “hey bighead” on instagram

ex-boyfriends and fwbs are starting come out of hiding.
the forests are in shambles so they we miss them.
our ex,
jussie smollett,
thinks we miss his presence.
he decided to gift us with song on his instagram
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Britney Spears Shows You What “Vocals” Are

what i love about streaming music,
we can listen to so many albums we never gave a chance.
sidebar: the other day i was listening to fiona apple’s album,

lowkey obsessed.
so i was actually listening to britney’s older discography the other night.
some of her bubblicious pop music has aged terribly,
but even still,
she has a serious catalog of hits.
she turned 36 today.
happy birthday britney!
madonna decided to sing “toxic” for “world’s aids day” yesterday.

for world’s aids day…
i can’t.
britney decided to return the acapella favor with elvis presley’s,
“can’t help falling in love”

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Borrell JR Is Adding Something New To His Attentionisto Resume

we haven’t talked about borrell jr in a while.
he use to be the rage in the foxhole for a hot minute.
well borrell jr has a new career venture he wants to share.
he sings
i don’t know what you call it.
he is now doing that “reggaeton” thing.
this is what a foxholer sent in me…
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