so, uh, can giveon sing or nah?

oh giveon…
when jay said “death of autotune“,
some of ya’ll got so offended.
autotune is a crutch for many “singers” today.
it has helped many become “studio singers“.
i reallllllllllllllly enjoyed giveon’s last album.
“heartbreak anniversary” got me through some tough times.
as you know,
he performed at the bet awards this past weekend:

…and had the nerve to blame it on bet and his mic messing up.

yvette nicole brown,
called him out for his lying…

as well as mario:

he should have said NOTHING.
what was worse was bringing lil nas x into it too.
they are two completely different situations.
giveon does realize we could hear him clearly right?
we all heard him hitting those many wrong notes too.
that must have been the remix.

In my head…

the mic had some kind of auto-tuned filter in it.
he seems to be a good singer based on this video:

…so what happened at bet?????
it might have been just a bad weekend in la for all the r&b singing wolves.

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17 thoughts on “so, uh, can giveon sing or nah?”

  1. The BET production was abysmal so I believe he could have been a casualty of that. Honestly though, I just think he can’t sing like Yvette and Mario pointed out. His vocals seem dry and monotone on his recordings so I’m not surprised at the struggle vocals he gave Sunday. We have so many young artists getting a big push to be the next great thing without the actual experience to be great. Artist development is such an important part of the music industry that is missing today. It just doesn’t make sense. We keep taking about industry plants but it’s really just rookies being given a huge opportunity without the skills to back it up and shine.

    Even the verzuz was a great display of someone who has been developed and has honed their craft shining (Mario) as opposed to the Y2K approach that anybody can be a singer with autotune (Ray J). This is why we have to give singers like Jazmine Sullivan and Chrisette Michele their flowers because they are the last of a dying breed.

  2. Let’s not blame the artists on the BET Awards until they do another LIVE performance and do the same thing. BET had so many technical difficulties and one until you are standing on a stage in front of people trying to sing and all you hear is the people, you can’t hear the music. I’m not taking up for Giveon but look at Mary J. Blige and Lil Kim performance, they didn’t hear anything either. When the chorus on I’m Going Down came on, it was a track. Lil’ Kim missed a whole verse. Diddy had to give her which lyric it was on. BET sound team, was definitely not there and I’m pretty sure some people were fired or won’t work at that event again. Taraji had way too much time to stretch because of them difficulties and even she kept saying, “y’all ready?” Since Debra Lee stepped down, the BET Awards technical difficulties has gotten worst year by year. It gas nothing to do with the artists and people are so quick to blame the artists but there is a reason why there are sound checks that supposed to be done. MTV never has those issues or you will never notice it. Its a shame that BET as a Network doesn’t have the pull to get professionals to run the event every year. There should be no way a stage hand has to run on stage while they are performing to give them a broken mic that didn’t even turn on. They gave him the original mic back and fixed his earpiece. That’s not an artist fault regardless what note they sing, if they hear a note in their ear, they are trying to match that note. His performance started late because they had technical difficulties and it was still fucked up. If he does it again at another LIVE performance then we can say he doesn’t sing well LIVE. If BET wasn’t having so many technical difficulties LIVE then I would agree but coming from someone who has a degree in Audio Engineering that wasn’t Giveon fault.

    1. I have attended a couple of BET awards show live back in the day and found out from a friend of mine who was friends with one of the producers that they have a LA Team and NYC Team that try to produce the show together but from two different locations and they hope it all comes together by the time the awards air. Also BET is notorious for hiring unpaid interns to do jobs that professionals should be doing. People criticize artist for not participating and supporting these awards but they do a lot of half ass production on the show. Even artist who we know that can really sing will often sound bad on BET productions. I remember when something similar happened to Yolanda Adams with her mic, it had her sounding bad and we all know she can not just sing but sang. These kind of things can make or break an artist and we all know that Black Twitter is brutal LOL. BET invest in your show with professionals these technical difficulties are unacceptable.

      1. I can run down all the bad things wrong that night… but this is a post about Giveon not singing but in this case, the blame doesn’t fall on him. Up there on that stage and an earpiece in your ear, they don’t know you can hear them and they are trying to match what’s in their ear. On TV we only hear the LIVE Mic, on stage, they only hear what’s in their ear. They can’t hear their name being called, a stage hand can and has to tell them to go out. Lil Kim missed a whole verse because the stage hand missed their cue.

  3. Thy don’t sing live as much, no rehearsals….or just too much damn weed and vapin’ is my vote. Ya know summa’ the yung guns think their invincible anyway. Lol O definitely starting to show his age a Lil bit.

    1. ^ if these folks had to go through the training beyoncé and kelly went through…

      why do i feel kelly is just a powerful singer as bey too?

      1. She is. But her voice sits btwn Beyonce and Whitney. That’s a hard space to belt from consistently. Bey has a great natural ‘gut’ and low voice, so she’s almost always good singing whatever. Kelly is more chest and head. She doesn’t have as much gut. And when I say ‘gut’, the tech term is ‘diaphragm’. Not to compare (while comparing, lol) youtube Vonzell Solomon ‘I’ll Never Love This Way Again’. She sounds like Kelly w Bey’s gut power.

        1. She literally sounds like Kelly n Bey’s voices got married! Lost to Carrie Underwood (who is a great singer) because Ruben n Fantasia had won the past 2 years, so they couldn’t have another blk winner (esp when blk ppl started bootlegging and country fans STILL buy albums) but Carrie can’t fuk w her!

  4. Giveon
    Didn’t do vocal warm up or the air conditioning may have caused some mishaps. I am a singer, occasionally environment can cause your throat to dry. Alcohol before a performance can also make issues worse. He has a great voice, but unfortunately, it wasn’t great on the night he most needed it to be.

    1. ^ i love talking to people about singing.

      i’ll never forget when keyshia cole was really big and i was going IN on how much i loved it.
      a vixen i knew that is singer said: “she needs to get out that one note she likes to sing it.”
      i’m not a singer by any means so i didn’t know what it meant until karaoke broke it down for me.

      1. I loved her first album, and your friend is right, she uses that one key, in flat or sharp. I heard her many Summer’s ago, on the BET awards, in 2007 or 2008, having the same vocal problems Giveon had. Most untrained vocalists with extreme talent use their head voice, Whitney, Patti, etc. If you hear it in your head, you can usually produce it aloud. Most times.😊☹️

        1. ^ whitney was untrained?
          patti too?
          i’m fascinated with this lol
          what’s a head voice? LOL
          I heard whitney used her stomach and throat or something to sing as powerful as she did.
          something about her mother teaching her

          1. Whitty Hutton was DEF trained! Cissy had her ready to go! There are 3 voice sections: gut, voice and head. Head voice is the soft/high note part of the voice. Like Mariah’s high notes in ‘Emotions’. Those are actually whistle notes. If you hear Kandi on ‘Understanding’, or ‘My Little Secret’, those are very high falsettos. Almost the same thing, but not technically. Those are just some examples of ‘head voice’. And 1 thing you’ll notice, while Mariah doesn’t have the belt (gut) we grew up hearing (too much touring and live singing in her younger days) she’ll always have her whistle. It may not be as effortless, but it’s from her head voice. She’ll always have it.

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