(here’s johnny!) who knew johnny middlebrooks wrote and performed his own songs?

every male,
no matter how fine or regula degula,
has a little bit of cornball in them.
we all can’t be perfect.
it’s that “still smooth wit it” that keeps people interested.
johnny “gatdamn” middlebrooks.
he had me at:

well he’s on this season’s “love island usa” on cbs…

but two things…

but this glance:

i feel him.
johnny is that kinda typa fine.
that “ima risk it all for a ride” type of fine.

okay now back to this song tho…

is this part of a challenge?
i hope these two didn’t really sit there and construct this song out of boredom.
i hope not.
now let’s get to the good stuff

Do they have “secret sex” on this show like they do Big Brother?

( x they knew this camera was there )
( x he was beatin her down )
( x how rude but i’d still watch )
i’d tune in just for that.
well this is cbs so…

i’m not expecting smut.

lowkey: i hope johnny doesn’t go head over heels over a white vixen,
but i feel he probably will.

6 thoughts on “(here’s johnny!) who knew johnny middlebrooks wrote and performed his own songs?

  1. I’ve never seen the show but I did peep the trailer and the men and women on this season are really attractive. Johnny is FINE, especially in the second pic you have posted of him with his shirt off Jamari and the other guy he was singing with is very attractive. That look he gave Johnny almost made me melt on the floor. That’s the look I want I guy who I find attractive to give me!

  2. I actually like the other dude better lol & I’m mad they just sampled the singing part from Drake’s “Chicago freestyle” and changed the words 😂😂😂

  3. I’ve been watching this I dont see it they are nice but some folks just have that look when ya fine ya fine it’s a look

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