He Fucked My Supposed Friend Behind My Back

i been saying the following for a while.


i am continuously learning that lesson myself.
all energy ain’t good energy.
even if the person is rooting for you,
because they their energy is out of whack,
they’ll ruin your plans off gp.
other times,
it’s some real spiteful ass hyenas/jackals in kin folk fur.
i saw this comment today and i nearly screamed.
it was from foxholer,
on the “I Hate Everyone” Is How You Make Friends and Get Fucked?” entry.
this is what he had to font…


“True story. I met this guy online. “Pretty Boy”, we became friends, I was really attracted to him, but he made it perfectly clear that I was not on his level in the looks dept and wanted me to stay in the friend zone. He even said I acted to thirsty with him and that I shouldn’t act that way with the next guy I am into. So I moved on met another guy “very handsome” we hit it off and it became intimate and we started seeing each other on the regular. “Pretty Boy” was still my “friend”. Told him about “Handsome Guy” too many details I should have kept to myself. He became intrigued and sought him out on social media behind my back, met up with him. They ended up having sex, then “Pretty Boy” proceeds to tell me how “Handsome Guy” is not the right guy for me, that he is a player and cant be trusted. I’m like how do you know all this? He tells me because we are friends he wanted to see what “Handsome Guy” intentions were toward me so he hit him up on social media. “He was so into me”, “Not once did he mention he was seeing someone”. “He wanted to meet me in person at the gym”. “We even did some intimate things but I didn’t go all the way, but if I wanted to I could have”. Well it really got ugly from that point as you can imagine and needless to say I am not friends with either of them anymore. My feelings have never been that hurt in my entire life.”

it would took everything in my power not to fight “pretty boy”.
God has been working on me,
so i’d just wish them both eternal hell and hope they die in a fire.
i’m really petty,
but still…
he followed up with this other comment:

“Yes!!! I really feel that “Pretty Boy” was jealous that someone good looking was into me after he had “put me on a certain level”. As long as I was single and he new I had attraction toward him he was in the power position, he had a fan but as soon as he saw what the guy I was seeing looked like his ego couldn’t deal with it.”

how disgusting.
“pretty boy” sounds like a classic abuser.
aside from that,
you can’t tell certain gays everything.
some are forever horny and scandalous af.
i meet some real sexy wolves when i put myself out there.
even if he is “average”,
he is still bait for hungry hyenas and jackals.
this life can be a lonely one for some and they will try to disrupt your happiness.
even though paulyrical is the lesson or this entry,
this should serve as a “it could happen to you too”.
dick has made “friendships” end.
although i think “pretty boy” was a triflin’ wack bitch ass pineapple,
it is still an example of the fucked character of others.
be aware.

low-key: i’ve seen this happen with the straights too.
family members sleeping with boyfriends/girlfriends secretly.

it can be a shit show out here.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “He Fucked My Supposed Friend Behind My Back”

  1. This is the type of shit I be talking about. How in the fuck is he looking out for him as a friend if he was sleeping with his man? The clownery is at an all time high. I am so glad I keep my business to myself. This could not have been me, I’m telling y’all.

  2. People will do you wrong. Especially those you may THINK are in your corner. My best friend fucked me over, and he sat down with my family, ate out of our fridge, all that stuff that friends do.
    You have to be careful. People throw that word around too freely.

  3. The minute he let ole boy “know” he “wasn’t on his level” he should of known this was NOT going to be a friend, anyone that doesn’t consider your feelings when they talk to you is not a friend, thats someone keeping you around for gain or convince

    1. Amen how you basically say you too thirsty, not attractive or on my level. How that make sense that you should still be his friend. Not saying dude was right for what he did but this was a headache that could have been avoided!

      1. ^it sorta proves the point of gays only friends with you if they can fuck you.
        it’s similar to “no straight male can be genuine friends with a vixen”

      2. We all have a time when we were new to the scene, and this happend when I was sort of fresh out the box when dealing with other gay men. There was a time when I actually thought that if someone wanted to have sex with you they actually liked you. As for “Pretty Boy” he was charming even when letting you know you weren’t his type, in a sort of let you do then build you back up sort of way. Plus I really felt isolated not being out and to have a “friend” you could kiki with and be yourself was kind of refreshing. I was naive, too trusting and yes kind of thirsty to be around other gay people and have friendship.

  4. On a side note, don’t tell your “friends” about how your man is in bed.I don’t know if gay guys do this but I know some women will discuss how their man “put it down”in the bedroom.Some things don’t need to be shared,IMO.I take a Don’t Ask,Don’t Tell approach when discussing intimate details with friends( and family).

  5. I had a similar situation except it was a former friend going after my sloppy seconds. I kindly told them both to enjoy the rest of their miserable lives.

  6. This has happened to me so many times that I got enough of trusting others and realized it was best to stay to myself and keep information to myself. The two situations that were the most memorable was when, I let this gay guy move in with me, because he was homeless and kept being put out of places with friends, but I later learned he was being put out, because he was sleeping with their man. Well, before I found this out, I had trade I was dating and living with me and he sucked the trade dick when I wasn’t around. When, I found out, I put him out and it got bad because he started driving down my street with friends and pulled his gun out and shot in the air while I was walking. He even called my job and told the receptionist I was gay.

    The second situation was with a guy that I was kicking it with, but it was not serious because I realized he was a game popper. Well, I let him use my phone and he went through my facebook and hit up a few people and one of them told me about it and was in tears, because he was on the dl and I apologized for how the situation went down due to the guy catfishing him and trying to out him.

  7. I let people know what I want them to know, when I want them to know it. I don’t tell my friends or even close family some of my business. I’ll tell them what I want when I’m ready (or not). Because friends and especially some kin, are not to be trusted.

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