He broke your heart.
He broke you.
Now he is in another situation on social media.
They look happy.
You looked happy once upon a time with him too.
So seeing them both,
it has annihilated your self-esteem and worth.

that was me yesterday.
it rocked my world because i was expecting the opposite.
i was expecting him to fuck up another person’s life.
this one seems different.
so my inner control panel wanted to revert to “old jamari“.
i wanted to lay around,
think about why i’m not worth it,
and compare myself to him(and everyone).
i was about to put on sad music to be an emotional wreck but…


my birth month and date would get me an easy 100m (happy birthday to meme!)

^that is sexier to me than most wolves out here tbh.
benjamin franklin is such a big dick daddy.
so this recent meme is gaining traction with the folks on twitter.
the question is:

In order to earn 100 million dollars, your birth MONTH plus your BIRTH DATE have to record a number 1 hit. Will you make it?

these are the artists

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look what they made todrick hall do

the country is literally about to cave in on itself,
folks is out in these streets dying,
and todrick hall has a cape on for taylor swift.
i saw this video about that leaked phone call between kanye and taylor in 2018:

i’m like…

“Who is watching 20 minutes of that?”

“Didn’t this situation happen about two albums for her?”

her whole “reputation” album was about being an alleged snake by the wests.
kim posted this today with an “@” to taylor…

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taylor swift has folks out here mad (again?)

so i watched “homecoming” from beyonce and thought it was epic.
like i fonted before,
i really liked how b used the “hbcu” theme with that set.
i like drums in general.

so taylor swift performed at the “billboard music awards” last night.
she performed her new song,
me!” with brandon urie of “panic! at the disco“,
and it had everyone in a tizzy
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taylor swift might awaken a “stan” in me

i really dig taylor swift.
don’t tell anyone.
i don’t want them to judge me.
*thinks back to all the times i’ve been judged*
you’ll deal.
“1989” and “reputation” got me through some shit.
i felt every word because of what i was dealing with.
now i don’t stan for her like i do rihanna,
but if she has new music,
i’ll take a listen.
to think,
i never really cared for her before.
i think cause of kanye’s “influence” at the time.
taylor seems to be changing her image as she matures tho.
she was never one to be political or “speak out”,
but she has opened up about who she’s voting for.
i was impressed by her latest ig post…
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Taylor Swift Has Annoyed Me With Her “Reputation”

you know i love music.
it’s true that certain albums “don’t make sense” until you experience it.
for whatever reason,
i been listening to madonna’s catalog these last few months.
“i get it”.
taylor swift,
a “problematic” snow bunny in the black community,
pulled me in with her “1989” album.
this whole “reputation” era >>>>>
“outta the woods” and “clean” what?!?!
some of the lyrics in her newest songs i “get”.
this might be like throwing a diamond in the ocean but…
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