look what they made todrick hall do

the country is literally about to cave in on itself,
folks is out in these streets dying,
and todrick hall has a cape on for taylor swift.
i saw this video about that leaked phone call between kanye and taylor in 2018:

i’m like…

“Who is watching 20 minutes of that?”

“Didn’t this situation happen about two albums for her?”

her whole “reputation” album was about being an alleged snake by the wests.
kim posted this today with an “@” to taylor…

…and as soon as todrick saw this,
he went TF off:


i don’t know why he took it down for.
kim kept hers up.

if he was with the shits,
he needs to stay in that energy.
he a public apology shortly after tho:

this is what i imagine a stan looks like in person.
God forbid if any of these stans had access to their kings and queens,
this is how they’d be poppin’ off.
so um hi…

This is some stale ass beef

it happened in 2018.
it shit has already decomposed.
why is it being brought back up in 2020?
taylor had a whole image change that worked for her.
not only that,
taylor comes off as the passive aggressive snow vixen with power.
none of this “leaked video” will suddenly change folks opinion of her.
i wonder if todrick is this passionate about how the government is screwing us?
most of these celebs are bored and it shows.
hatttttttteeeeeee to see it.

low-key: can some sexy baller wolf open up an “onlyfans”?
i’m ready to be drained and entertained.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “look what they made todrick hall do”

  1. Am I the only one who gets a visceral reaction every time I see Todrick Hall’s face or read his name? I still don’t really know why he’s famous or why I should care about his affairs.

    1. LOL While I definitely have a similar reaction to Todrick, I must give credit where it’s due. Todrick is a very talented choreographer and singer/songwriter.

  2. I got questions:
    1. Do y’all think Taylor would come to the defense of Todrick, if the role were reverse?

    Do you think Todrick would cape for another black person like he’s caping for Taylor?

    I’m just curious…

    1. @Jumanji

      No to both questions. He’s a known snow queen.The innanetz got receipts of Todrick thirsting after some white drug using gay porn performer on social media by offering to “help him out of a desperate situation by sending plane tickets.” He would never keep company with anyone who looks like himself.

      As for Taylor Swift, I don’t know enough about her to say where her loyalties lay. But I doubt she’d come out swinging so vigorously if Todrick found himself in some sort of scandal.

    2. I don’t recall Taylor publicly coming to his defense when he was accused of not paying employees,sexually harassing dancers,screwing escorts,etc.last year.Maybe I missed her social media posts supporting/defending him.

  3. I’m not defending Kim at ALL gags at the thought but I Agree in that I genuinely DO NOT CARE! Taylor Swift really let that bullshit send her on a whole “downward spiral” and really believed her “reputation” was “ruined” 🙄 You wanna talk about a Scandal, Talk to Miss Janet “Nipple Gate” Jackson! Now THAT was a fuckin Scandal hunny! that poor woman has drug through the coals! Talk about a reputation ruined!!! These new chicks Could Neva have survived! 🙄

      1. @Sixtree Nope! He sure didn’t! He distanced himself cause he & his people were trying so desperately to make sure he didn’t crash & burn as a solo artist! & “Rock with u” was just staring to pick up speed

    1. @Bryan: Yes, THAT WAS a scandal and I doubt that ANY of today’s chicks (Mrs. Carter included) could withstand that and survive, LOL….

  4. Uncle Ruckus would be proud. He needs jailtime for those pipe cleaners on his head. Gays are supposed to be fashionable and he’s making us look bad.

  5. I think he is still jaded Beyoncé didn’t want to work with him and still uses Frank Gatson instead of him. He did a whole flash mob dance in Target and she watched it, gave him credit but they never worked together, then he jumped on somebody else. Todrick is an opportunist. He definitely likes riding. He was riding MTV but that show got cancelled. Then he was riding RuPaul and snatched that choreography gig. Then he jumped on Taylor Swift and completely whitewashed her. She ended up letting him do all her choreography, editing, and even let him direct and produce. He is definitely going to ride that Taylor “dick” until she bust and get tired of him. She definitely is not going to defend him because PR wise it would be a nightmare. If she backtracks trying to defend him then she would get hit with a bunch of LGBTQ bullshit boycotts when they are her strongest fans now. Her fan base used to be 8 year old little girls.

    I support that whole “men shouldn’t get involved in female business” movement. If Kanye got in it then that would have been different. He could defend Taylor the way Kanye is defending Kim. Since Kanye is the one being defended by his wife, that wasn’t none of Todrick’s business to step up. He can defend his friend without doing what he did. Its different if his name was big and people would listen but… Todrick ain’t nobody, his name don’t hold weight. Billy Porter knocked his ass back down so he can have several seats. Billy Porter is the new black. Even Joanne the Scammer got in a Tyler Perry movie so, time to find something else Todrick. He got a nice phatty but he don’t play wit us brothas.

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