bet is serving the meats on their shows now?

*the following entry is rated r-ish.
viewer discretion is strongly advised

i haven’t been catching up with bet as of late,
but hasn’t it got really ratchet

…Or is it just me?

they be cussin’ and having some intense sex scenes for network tv.
i gotta thank tyler perry for the good sex.
he is really pushing the limits on “sistas“.

although he had a scene with a male getting a sex toy used on him

I’m still confused

well bet seemed to have went “rated r-ish” last night.
someone caught some penis on one of their shows…

come through with the meats bet!

we are all a little hungry right now.
i guess no one is in the editing office to blur that situation out.
am i complaining?

Hell nah

what show is this?
i might need to check it out for research purposes.

13 thoughts on “bet is serving the meats on their shows now?

  1. Tyler Perry owns BET+ as part of his deal with Viacom. All his shows uses his Studio and his people. After Debra Lee stepped down, they was focusing on BET Her and Tyler took over creative direction for BET+. All his plays, movies and future shows are on there plus every other black show that was on Viacom network period. Scott Mills who took over from Debra Lee controls BET the Network. Tyler Perry controls BET+. Viacom and Tyler Perry Studios are the Parent Company of BET+.

    Tyler gets to show dick the way he wants to and not be censored by his plays or church audience.

    1. Anthony Dalton. Looks like they are going with a bi-curious character. He found her dildo and told her to use it on him and he forced it inside, well… not where you can see it.

  2. It’s Bigger on BET’s streaming service BET+, which is why they’re getting away with nudity and whatnot. It’s not being shown on Network TV.

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