someone very close to karl anthony towns got the rona


the rona is trying taking everyone out.
even though we are currently in isolation,
some folks have realized they caught it.
prince charles just got it and:

a few baller wolves have gotten it.
 someone special to karl anthony towns,
who plays for
the timberwolves,
is in a coma due to the rona.

this is what he put up on his ig

this is his mother during happier times:

that is really sad.
may she pull through with a speedy recovery.

even tho some folks on my block don’t seem to gaf,
i’m still in my crib.
i had a panic attack because i felt a little sick and thought i had it.
i suffer with bad allergies but that’s the issue with the rona.
any slight ailment and you’re ready to meet your maker.
i hope the foxhole is still practicing their social distancing tho.
all of this is still so surreal.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “someone very close to karl anthony towns got the rona”

  1. I hope his mother recovers.

    I just read about a Brooklyn principal who died,she was only 36.I’ve read a lot of comments from her former students. She was an Art teacher before becoming a principal.Rest in Peace

    1. ^someone from a cooking show died from the rona as well.
      this pandemic seems to be getting worst,
      yet trump is talmbout sending people back out.

      i refuse.

  2. Praying for his mom and family, and everyone being hit hard by the Rona. It is worse than many of us imagined, even given what we knew about what was going down in China. Please be safe, stay in if you can unless work calls you outside, support our health care workers, and take care of yourselves.

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