my birth month and date would get me an easy 100m (happy birthday to meme!)

^that is sexier to me than most wolves out here tbh.
benjamin franklin is such a big dick daddy.
so this recent meme is gaining traction with the folks on twitter.
the question is:

In order to earn 100 million dollars, your birth MONTH plus your BIRTH DATE have to record a number 1 hit. Will you make it?

these are the artists

so i’m july 5th and from this chart:

i’ll have the fuckbois and the swifties on lock.
they’ll make a heartbreak/you ain’t shit/i’m the shit song that will dominate hip-hop and pop.


i’ll pray for anyone who is march 26th.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “my birth month and date would get me an easy 100m (happy birthday to meme!)”

  1. This reminds me of that dude that’s been harassing me since February for my sign. His pickup line was “I bet you’re a …” Everytime I login that man has a new insult trying to piss me off into telling him.

    What would Drake and Taylor even sound like? Nothing tops Nelly ft Tim McGraw.

  2. Pitbull and DaBaby, I don’t know about this but at least Pitbull track will be hot. Hopefully DaBaby just got 16 bars

  3. June 16th
    Ariana and Kanye finna start a whole new genre of music. You can pass me my money NEOWWWWWW

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