charlie gets some alleged pipe leakage? (join me on lust island usa)

charlie is so dreamy but he comes off really dry.
that can be all an act tho.
i’ve met wolves who were dry af,
but once they got comfortable:

you’ll be like:

And When?”

 it seems charlie isn’t as dry as we’d assume.
he seems to have gotten some alleged pipe leakage from an alleged baiter.
a twitter account has some alleged pipe leakage of charlie…


now i can’t confirm or deny if ^that is his actual peen,
but it looks pretty healthy and filled with plenty of protein.

at first,

i had to ask myself if this were true based on the alleged dms:

excuse me charlie?
i just couldn’t believe he would talk like this or get baited.
he is a male and we come out of our shells when sex is involved.

I can come off really closed off irl at times,
but don’t let me get to flirting with someone I’m attracted to in DMs.
My degenerate whore babble is unmatched when I’m trying to get smashed.

charlie seems so self-absorbed on his ig,
and kinda boring,
but i’m starting to believe that is all a front.

i think he beez out here out here on the lowest of lows.


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lowkey: i bet he has some stories.

12 thoughts on “charlie gets some alleged pipe leakage? (join me on lust island usa)

  1. The links don’t work for me. I really want to examine the photos to see if they truly capture the essence of Charlie.

  2. It’s probably no one but Charlie himself. I bet he didn’t blow up and get endorsements like he thought he was appearing on Love Island. Honestly he ruined his marketability and his personality is non existent. I thought he was cute but now he’s a non factor.

    1. That’s usually how it is with the drop dead gorgeous ones. All looks and body, but no personality or brains…

          1. Charlie did wish Marvin a happy birthday, but I did notice they do shout outs on social media but rarely connect in person.

            Marvin must keep Charlie stuff in a special personal collection. 🤣 let me stop.

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