you better stick with it baby

I know he gets a little angry but stick with it.
He hit you out of love.
He was tired.
Do you want to be alone out here?
It is a very lonely place.
stick with it.”

you aren’t playing the game.
You gotta play the game.
That is just how she is,
ya know.
You gotta think about the money and not your feelings.
You gotta stick with it so you can get hired.” – a real conversation I had.

“They are assholes but they got connections.
It’s not gonna be easy.
Try to be on their radar and make sure you speak to them.
Maybe even help them out with stuff.
Ya know,
show your loyalty.
Just deal with their shit and once you get put on,
you can move on.”

i was having a deep conversation with a friend earlier.
we legit talked for damn near 4 hours about various shit,
but i told them…

“When I look back,
I realized I tolerated crazy abuse in hopes of achieving something.
I dealt with terrible ass jobs as a temp just so I could get hired.
I dealt with the abuse from terrible ass dudes I was attracted to.
I dealt with the ‘cool’ kids in hopes of having dope people in my life.

“Stick with it!”

I got let go from the jobs after I was used and abused.
The pineapples left and moved on to other people.
The “friends” backstabbed and threw me out like trash on the street.

you deal with all the bullshit and end up getting what in the end?
a terrible ass job?
an abusive ass partner?
a shitty-ass friend group?
you get more money,
a “relationship”,
and outings,
but at what cost?
your mental health and best interest are out the window.

some black folks are taught to stick with situations that are bad for us.
we watched our parents stick out bad jobs and marriages so it’s learned behavior.
we slave away over hot paperwork and stoves for this marvelous upgrade.
we aren’t happy but we are “sticking with it”.

God forbid that you decide to speak up or fight back while you stick with it.

if big daddy or big mama stuck with it then so can we!

lowkey: sticking with it gave me the worste anxiety and depression so i got something.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “you better stick with it baby”

  1. if big daddy or big mama stuck with it then so can we!

    That’s why I get annoyed when people say relationships aren’t like how they were. You mean that your “uncle” was actually your father because he got somebody pregnant as a minor? You mean how your great-aunt and grandmother couldn’t leave because a single Black woman in America was financial suicide?

    People dealt with crap because they had to, in past generations.

    I also roll my eyes at “I miss the days when men were men”. You mean stepping out to sleep with other men and bringing diseases home? When people knew “Aunt Patricia’s friend” was her girlfriend, but couldn’t say that “because it’s inappropriate for children”, but it was okay to introduce every boyfriend of the month to the kids.

    And don’t get me started on people who struggled and now see you don’t have their struggles and try to cause trouble for you, out of bitterness.

    1. ^ 110!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      that last sentence.
      i don’t get why some people become their oppressors to others who are oppressed.
      black and gay people who do this really burn my biscuits.

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