you better stick with it baby

I know he gets a little angry but stick with it.
He hit you out of love.
He was tired.
Do you want to be alone out here?
It is a very lonely place.
stick with it.”

you aren’t playing the game.
You gotta play the game.
That is just how she is,
ya know.
You gotta think about the money and not your feelings.
You gotta stick with it so you can get hired.” – a real conversation I had.

“They are assholes but they got connections.
It’s not gonna be easy.
Try to be on their radar and make sure you speak to them.
Maybe even help them out with stuff.
Ya know,
show your loyalty.
Just deal with their shit and once you get put on,
you can move on.”

i was having a deep conversation with a friend earlier.
we legit talked for damn near 4 hours about various shit,
but i told them…

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