taylor swift’s victim card might actually go to joe alwyn this go round

samantha jones from sex and the city said it best.

“When you break up with someone,
it becomes a battle of who is gonna die miserably.”

in the battle of taylor swift vs joe alwyn,
her latest breakup gon’ viral,
i’m here to font something i’ve realized:

Taylor Swift may be the one to end up miserable.

joe alwyn,
who is pictured above,
was dragged for ^that picture shortly after the breakup.
while he is looking like he hasn’t slept for weeks,
taylor moved on quickly to matty healy from the band 1975.
she got all her friends to unfollow joe and her stans have gone feral.
she took control of the narrative first as she always does.
joe hasn’t said anything or tried to drag her in the media.
this latest picture of joe leaked and…

…and everyone seems to be changing their stance on joe.
from what i see,
many are actually taking his side and seeing through taylor.
( x see the tides turning here )
all this mess about matty healy started leaking:

@pattypopculture (part 2) Heres the TOP 5 MOST HORRIBLE things Matty Healy has done😡#taylorswift ♬ original sound – Patty

( x including him saying he masturbates to black women being brutalized )

let this be a lesson foxhole:

When your ex (or anyone) is trying hard to make it seem like they’ve moved on from you,
your best strategy is to say and do nothing.
The worst decisions are usually done when trying to appear looking “unbothered”.

i love when they pull the “i’m unbothered” card.
i like taylor but she is gonna end up looking stupid with this one.
she has a few albums where she talked about being in love with joe,
but suddenly,
she is in a new relationship right after this one?
she won’t be able to play the victim this go-round.
the public is starting to see through taylor’s games tbh.
joe won’t have to lift a finger.

lowkey: i feel like many of her exes moved on and found happiness.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “taylor swift’s victim card might actually go to joe alwyn this go round”

  1. Taylor Swift gets around, she probably has had more loads put in her than Maytag! She can’t keep a man, they say, “oh she’s young and just having fun”. I guess, she’s idolized for some reason, I don’t know why.

  2. I simply don’t care for her. She’s like Britney where America finds this mediocre white girl and continues to shove her down our throats so they can have someone to root for. It’s old hat and a bore.

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