so martell holt is just gonna bring the drama everywhere he goes?

fonting about moving on and being unbothered…
i’ve come to a conclusion on the reality drama king,
martell holt.

He makes for good TV.

and as many reality tv viewers try to lie to themselves,
you know you love it.
he went from one show and is bringing the drama to another.
martell is currently with sheree whitfield so he is on rhoa by default.
he got into it with the queen of drama,
kenya moore,
about a dm he allegedly sent her and…

i like looking at martell lowkey.
he screams “a good time but not for a long time”.

you just know he is blowing sheree’s back wide open.

this is the dm that was sent 2 years ago:

it seems like he tried to shoot his shot and got ignored.
it probably went straight to the spam section in the IG messages.
either way,
i don’t think he was being aggressive with her from that clip.
it looked like he was trying to defend himself.
 you know how these vixens get down.
if they ain’t know

Martell will bring the ruckus for the cameras.

i don’t think kenya is ready for his kind of fuckery.

lowkey: people get so up in arms when an antagonist brings chaos,
but do they realize this shit would be boring without them?
everyone loves a little drama even if they don’t like to admit it.

9 thoughts on “so martell holt is just gonna bring the drama everywhere he goes?

  1. That’s the only reason Sheree on the show, that whole sitting at a table waiting on a date wasn’t going anywhere and they needed the Co-Hosts (the Men of the Women) to bring what they brought from earlier seasons when Apollo, Peter and Leon, Greg (Rest In Peace), and Todd did. Kenya seems to have everybody’s man in her dms then goes and bring it up when the cameras are around. Sheree just started dating this man so why should she be upset if he did run thru their DMs.

  2. I love looking at this man. Did yall see the scene were he was changing clothes displaying his arms and [ Eggplant Emoji ] ??

    This was a smart move to bring him in RHOA!

    They should let him “Run Threw” and date all the single girls ( Including Kenya) and then leave.

    I would be glued to to the screen !!!! Ha ha ha ha

  3. Yeah I want Martell to blow my back out. Something about him just makes me wet. IJS… he’s good drama so please stay awhile.

    Also Ralph is starting to really warm me up. The men are bringing the juice that these dried up peaches needed to resuscitate the show.

    1. ^omg me too.
      i dunno why i think this man is highkey sexy but he is!

      i think the males are gonna step up because i feel like these housewives are out of drama now.

      1. Do you mind editing this post and adding the image of him pulling up his pants…just making sure you are a complete journalist.

        Look I noticed that thing when he was in the pink suit riding to that disastrous renewal ceremony on LMH.

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