are pretty muscles only good for fashion nova photo shoots?

a friend of mine was messing with a construction worker and i learned how strong they are.
he didn’t look it because he didn’t look like an attentionisto.

he was lean but this mofo could pick up the heaviest shit with no issues.
i think she used him to fix and lift heavy things around her house.

when i see construction workers or males who do hard labor,
i always admired how strong they are.
they spend the majority of their days getting a workout without a gym.
many don’t usually look like they work out 20 times a week either.
it made me wonder about muscles vs strength,
pretty muscles vs “lifting slabs of concrete” muscles

Is there really a difference between “attentionisto muscles” vs “hard labor muscles”?

…or is it all the same thing?
i mean,
i’ll take both either way.
if i can see my manz biceps in a tight shirt,
he can pretty much spread me like jam on the bed.
that tweet above came from this thread:

Crunches don’t compare to carrying cement bags
by u/imjustheretodomyjob in BlackPeopleTwitter

lowkey: one thing i noticed with pretty muscles is they can’t really fight.
you’d think they’d pack a punch but i think all that meat gets in the way.