are pretty muscles only good for fashion nova photo shoots?

a friend of mine was messing with a construction worker and i learned how strong they are.
he didn’t look it because he didn’t look like an attentionisto.

he was lean but this mofo could pick up the heaviest shit with no issues.
i think she used him to fix and lift heavy things around her house.

when i see construction workers or males who do hard labor,
i always admired how strong they are.
they spend the majority of their days getting a workout without a gym.
many don’t usually look like they work out 20 times a week either.
it made me wonder about muscles vs strength,
pretty muscles vs “lifting slabs of concrete” muscles

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the rona shredded his muscles down from 190 to 140 pounds (holy guacamole)

one of the first things i’m doing when new yawk opens up is a haircut.
my whole head is terror,
even tho i been doing my best to maintain my hair with products.
the vanity in me once to look normal even tho i plan on keeping my events limited.
everyone meet mike schultz,
a rn from san francisco.
he ended up catching the rona while attending the winter party festival in march.
he decided to share his “before and after” from his battle and well…
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don’t we love a muscular male who knows his… size?

this is why i love baller and the muscular wolves.
the fact they can’t fit into most clothes.
this is not shade in anyway.
i get turned on by seeing muscle in clothes.
i like them in just underwear too
from arms,
and pecs,
in dress shirts to thighs in pants and sweats.
i’ll never forget these pants that lebron was damn near bursting out of:

i’m delirious.
nice meeting you.
so the following video dropped down my timeline today.
saved almost instantly.
it was from the company,
state and liberty“,
which specializes in athletic fit clothing.

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Injecting Oil In Your Muscles Is The New IG Filter

valdir-as-a-child^that is valdir segato as a cub.
the wolf this following story a f-bi sent me is all about.
so there is something i suspect that all the work out warriors suffer with.
now not all of them,
but if you really put two and two together
all this random working out they do in disguise as being fit.
“i just want to look better naked” memes but single af.
the gym is literally making them their bitch.
well their symptoms may stem from “body dysmorphic disorder”.
it’s basically seeing perceived flaws on your bawdy,
and even going to extremes to improve your bawdy,
even though nothing is wrong with you.
that is where valdir segato comes in.
he has gone as far as injecting oil into his bawdy for bigger muscles.
check this out via the mirror
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