So These Pigs Are On A Special IG Meal Plan?

i love pork chops.
even though pork isn’t good for you,
it is one of my favorite things to cook.
who knew pigs were part of the “fit fam”?
deray davis posted a picture of some jacked up pork.

in God’s name?
the pigs are serious body goals.
look at those cuts!
well i’m glad those pigs didn’t skip leg day.
some of the ig attentionistos could learn a thing a two.

lowkey: even the animal kingdom is “get big; stay big”…

5 thoughts on “So These Pigs Are On A Special IG Meal Plan?

  1. These pigs were injected with steroids to bulk them up for larger servings of their individual parts. And then sadly, humans ingest the same molecules in that meat — explaining partly why teens of today look so damn grown & girls are coming on their periods at 9 & 10 years old.

  2. I hope to god those are fake pics, but they just may be real.
    Sadly, I like pork chops and bacon too much to give it up! LOL

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