Miguel Pimentel Gets Some Alleged “It Wasn’t Me!” Pipe Leakage?

*the following is parental advisory.
parental advisory is strongly advised.

so attentionisto,
miguel pimentel,
is screaming that he was framed.
the victim of “hacking and photoshop”.
well according to site,
“cocktails and cocktalk”,
he had a sudden “pipe leakage” on his insta-snap

…in which he claims he didn’t do it.
that’s where the “hacking and photoshop” claims come in.
he released this statement about it:

“There are no REAL leaked photos of me! Plenty of fake accounts and PHOTOSHOPPED pics of myself. Thank You to whatever Hacker/Catfish started this AND for allowing more popularity. BUT I’m sorry to have disappointed all who thought FAKE leaks were actually me. #Goodtry


i’m giving it a heavy “eh”.
i lost my attraction to him a while ago.
i forgot all about him,
to be honest.
he claims he changed his screen name,
but he does realize he is one of the top attentionistos
he would have had to shut down his account and keep it moving.
if the claims are true about “hacking and photoshop”,
i really wish they would focus on something legit.
 a muscle bound sheriff in new yawk is “eh”…
…but wiping all our debt clean can last a lifetime.

lowkey: miguel is kinda boring now.
that “leak” was the most interesting thing to happen to him.
i hear you shouldn’t fuck with anyone in law enforcement tho.
i haven’t heard any good reviews about fuckin’ a cop.

pictures/statement cc: cocktails and cocktalk

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

27 thoughts on “Miguel Pimentel Gets Some Alleged “It Wasn’t Me!” Pipe Leakage?”

    1. ^he was crowned the “hot sheriff” in new yawk.
      i saw this one latino cop that put him to shame.
      omg he was so fine…
      but i had to remember they aren’t good to fuck.

      1. I’ve seen quite a few Latino cops that put him to shame. One caught me looking in 7 Eleven, and smirked. The fact that he (Pimentel) was muscular played a big part in his “fame”…although I will admit that shot of him leaning against his cruiser was hot when it was first shown.

        He has since turned me off when he put out the video describing what women have to have to get his attention. I’m amazed it didn’t turn women off, at least the non-desperate ones.

        It really showed how vain and arrogant he was. Even if that was his true character/nature, at least play it off. Be humble in front of the camera if you want to attract/keep your “fans”.

        Some kats will never learn. Even worse, some fans will stick around. Lol

  1. All I know is if a female law enforcement had the social media tendencies of some of these male officers it would not be tolerated.

    I imagine he’s one of those types that have absolutely nothing to offer outside of looks.

    Find it hard to believe someone would hack his account and post pictures of someone else though. Can we compare the tattoos?

    1. Very true, Jay. I remember reading about some female officers that got in trouble for some images posted on their personal pages, which happened to be shared publicly, posted by angry exes. They were not behind the posting of the images, someone else was…and they got in trouble.

      He showed that he had nothing to offer outside of his looks when he released that video I mentioned.

    2. it’s his dick. I have a friend that he tried to fuck around with years ago, but then she dubbed him because he acted like he had that platano, but all he had was shrimp.

  2. I’m over these arrogant instathots fitness models that feel like because they use steroids and bulk up, their some fucking gift. Just like Heat718, his dick is wack for his body size, but they try and act like it’s 6ft tall FOH. The shit that know about a lot of the Dominican “Wolfs” you post on here would expose the sad and sorry life they live. Stay in school kids! lol

      1. I’ll pour you a glass, but i’m not going to get specific with names or descriptions, because I know like 3 of these “Wolfs” as good friends, and they have told me stories over the years. In reality, i’m sure this isn’t JUST a Dominican Wolf thing. A lot of what I said can be applied to Wolfs in general that have been posted on this site.

        I will say that, 99% of the Dominican Wolfs you’ve posted about are straight(In fact, only 2 are gay, and one of them is very attractive, but also VERY abusive), but have a price. So if a gay guy wanted to spend a night, or even a 3-6 day vacation w/sex, you can get it. Money is their sexuality.But don’t get it twisted, they have no interest in men outside of making money. So don’t think you can get into a relationship, or flirt with them outside if you aren’t a woman. They’ll get super defensive and homophobic.

        A LOT of them HATE it(Stripping/sex work with men), but are doing this just to provide for their kids and families in the US or DR, and because NY, BOSTON, MIA, is fucking expensive to live in. Especially if you don’t have papers. But they make their coins for a few years, invest it if they’re smart, and make bank for life.

        Some are just trapped into it because they’re uneducated, or started young and will end up with nothing to show for getting fucked, or fucking doctors, politicians, actors, photographers because they spent it all on materialistic things. So don’t be fooled when you see them trying to stunt on instagram!

        Many of Instagram fitness wolfs you’ve posted are scammers. Some of the ones you’ve posted will claim to do personal training, but it’s a front for their backpage ass hustle. The other ones that attempt to be personal trainers can only get you into shape if you use roids, and usually don’t tell their followers that’s how they got so ripped.

        The reason why the fake DR, or fake Fitness Instagram Wolfs in general so ANNOYING to me is because they’ll talk mad shit about women like Cardi B, or women in general for being ‘whores’ on social media, but at the end of the day Wolfs are no different from them. Thats my biggest problem with guys like Miguel. They’ll slam a woman for acting a way on social media, but here you are doing the same insta-thot shit for coins, if not more.

      1. Krb you are spot on with all of that, and that’s why so many of them overreact when a gay man looks at them for too long or a gay blog features them. They automatically assume everyone knows they are getting dicked down for a coin.

  3. He not even all that tho. He just light with muscles and some tattoos. Folks are too desperate these days over an image. If any woman entertains this Latino NYPD THOT, she a fool. A lot of dudes like this thank they all that..Just a bunch of wasted meat.

  4. I’m so here for the reads and shade being thrown in the comments section on this post. Y’all are carrying on! Miguel’s Doninican swoop is officially snatched as well as Jonathan Heat Martinez’ aye papi Dominican blowout wig!

  5. I had to unfollow him a while back after his constant complaining about people leaving “sexual comments” on his pictures where he is naked (with a pizza icon hiding the penis).

  6. KRB is preaching up in here.

    That seems to be the archetype for Dominicans.

    You notice most of these dudes live in Miami and NYC. Both expensive as hell without a college degree.

    Don’t even get me started on these fitness hoes on instagram that send everyone the same plan🤦🏿‍♂️

      1. If they’re not certified…I don’t really consider them “personal trainers”. At least not legit personal trainers. Lol
        I’d be more inclined to believe them if they had certification.

        1. ^sad most of these wolves are gay for 💰

          maybe that’s best?
          we are only sexually attracted to them anyway…
          most of them seem like they would be TERRIBLE boyfriends for males and females…

  7. I guess Miss Miguel’s lil’ reign has runneth over the hill and into obscurity. People still check for this narcissistic insta ho? LMAO. He is like 35 and behaving like a 21 year old. What a actual loser. He is such a lame.

  8. It’s easy as hell to get a NASM or ACE certification though. They literally just hand you a book to study.

    If you’ve gone to a real hardcore bodybuilding gym you know how common steroids really are. They’re not just to bulk up either, you can get slimmer on them as well. Thinning hair and back acne gives it away almost every time.

    1. Jay, that is true. A lot of guys won’t/don’t do it though. They’d AT LEAST gain credibility if they had certification.
      Nowadays everyone is a personal trainer and has customized meal/exercise plans…and probably don’t know the first thing about anatomy. LMBO

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