Did Misster Ray’s Boyfriend, Vic, Get Some Alleged Head Leakage?

*this entry is parental advisory.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

as you know,
i’m not watching “love and hiphop hollywood”.
i do know misster ray from some other reality show.
i’m thinking “college hill”,
but don’t quote me.
anyway it seems he is dating someone in this new 2017 reality:


his name is vic.
well vic has some alleged sex tape leakage today.
the f-bi sent us the leakage for review…

well i can’t tell if it’s allegedly him.
it looks like it.
another gay leakage conspiracy theory from “l&hh” on our paws.
i will say that is a beautiful peen.
a nice thick mushroom head to feast on.
the type of pipe to just suck on “just because”.

at this point,
fuck vic.
let’s find out the owner of that pipe!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Did Misster Ray’s Boyfriend, Vic, Get Some Alleged Head Leakage?”

  1. Just ugh!!!

    But that’s him though. I am able to match the tattoos.

    And I will also say that I dislike the (black) gay men aren’t able to be flawed.

      1. That statement didn’t have much to do with the post, but I feel that the behavior the Ray and Zell has to represent the black gay community more than the behaviors of the other cast members to their respective demographics.

  2. Yes that is Ray Cunningham from College Hill: Virgina State University. Anywho, the fact that his boyfriend got a sex tape also confirms the tea that Zell was spilling on the show. The reunion will be super sayian messy with those two going at it.

  3. Lmao I’ve met “Vic” before. I thought dude looked familiar on the show but couldn’t tell because he looked darker but that sex tape confirmed it. I remember them big ass lips, nose, and puffed out cheeks anywhere lol. Don’t know his actual name so you know what type of name basis that was. I remember back then he didn’t have as many tattoos and kept saying he wanted to get some more. I’m not surprised he got a video out. He used to record a lot more than that. Knowing exactly who he is, I’m not surprised Zell said he tried to suck his dick. He was vers, used to live in AZ, and tore up the town!

  4. Yep that is definitely him. That open heart tattoo is all the evidence you need. Lol so my question now is… Was he the bottom in him and Mr. Rays relationship, because man I can’t even begin to imagine that. Lol

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