when did kevin hart start looking like “daddy come f*ck me right now”?

i’ve never been a real kevin hart kind of fox tbh.
i don’t think he is funny unless he is in a movie.
i don’t really do stand up comedy tbh.
kevin has never been all that attractive to me but ummmmm..
a Foxholer sent me a recent video of kevin and i had to ask…

excuse me.
i mean,
he is still knee height to a fire hydrant but…

i guess he is trying to distract us with bawdy after being dragged by katt williams.

“I know what will make them forget!
Muscle worship!”

seriously tho,
if you take care of yourself,
you can age into a real “daddy cum come fuck me right now”.
for many,
that would mean an absolute turnaround from ratchet and unhealthy living tho.

my next question is:

Are these his children that he is attending a sleepover with?

i wouldn’t be surprised.
you know that little wolf loves to lay that dick down.

lowkey: i love that older males are embracing their grays.
silver foxes,
and wolves incoming.

2 thoughts on “when did kevin hart start looking like “daddy come f*ck me right now”?

  1. Kevin Hart definitely looked like he was caught d!cking down the lightskin on the right. His body language is giving “nah me and youngblood was chilling”. Because why is he pretending sleep but lightskin is…yeah.

  2. I’m surprised you just now noticed, Kevin Hart has always had a nice body, he has an issue with his feet, and that’s why he never shows them in pictures and always finds a way to hide them.

    It’s funny because the older I get the more I notice and find value in the little things. Having a nice body is great but I love a man who looks like they know and has been to get a nice manicure and pedicure. I love a man that has a great smile and looks like they have been to the dentist and there oral hygiene is on point.

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