don’t we love a muscular male who knows his… size?

this is why i love baller and the muscular wolves.
the fact they can’t fit into most clothes.
this is not shade in anyway.
i get turned on by seeing muscle in clothes.
i like them in just underwear too
from arms,
and pecs,
in dress shirts to thighs in pants and sweats.
i’ll never forget these pants that lebron was damn near bursting out of:

i’m delirious.
nice meeting you.
so the following video dropped down my timeline today.
saved almost instantly.
it was from the company,
state and liberty“,
which specializes in athletic fit clothing.

muscular males need a tailor OR need to know their correct size.
i can imagine how hard it is to find clothes to fit this:

i’ve seen some muscular males go way too baggy in dress clothes.
as i always say/font:

The clothes need to hug every inch of your bawdy flawlessly

muscles need to be acknowledged in clothing.
it seems this clothing line does the trick.
it did it with these two:

you see his chest in that checkered shirt.
if there is any black clothing companies,
that specialize in athletic fit clothing,
please drop in the comments below.
let’s support our own as well!



check out: state and liberty

7 thoughts on “don’t we love a muscular male who knows his… size?

  1. Is Nathaniel Noir’s ass even “natural”? As in real. His ass looks a different size in every picture…I need a full ass shot photo to be sure he’s not wearing butt pads …..😃

  2. Guys who do this, know exactly what they’re doing and want the attention. From guys, they’ll act disgusted. Don’t mind them. It’s an ego thing.

  3. Looks like State and Liberty got it right! Those shirts fit those guys very well. $90 for a dress shirt though? I think that’s expensive if you dress up every day. I have like 20 dress shirts now. That’s $1,800 in dress shirts. No sir! NOT ON MY WATCH! #IyanlaVoice 🤣

  4. Well, I like my men (man…🧐) in clothes not too tight. Actually, I remember first coming here sometime ago and fonting about how I love a well-dressed wolf in fitted clothes…Now I just want to see them shirtless or no clothes at all. That kinda blends in my former fetish for my bf as in role play were the the man in a business suit gets naked except for an open dress shirt and a tie & he basically fks you on the desk for employee appreciation month. Role play is fun.

    This is why I desire to move to the islands in a few years. I want to just wear beach clothes and recline half-dressed and rub on man chest and sip lemonade all day.

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