did this family even love botham jean because they movin’ so sketchy

this week has been a doozy.
the energy has been really off.

sidebar: i feel so depressed it’s ridiculous.

i’ve been questioning my own levels of forgiveness with this botham jean case.
i thought the brother hugging amber guyger was a shocker,
but the father was talking some mess about friends ‘n’ shit.
this is what he said at botham’s congregation…

Addressing Brandt’s grace in the courtroom, Betrum said to the congregation, “I’m not really surprised because I know how we raised him with the spirit of the Lord.”

“We don’t hate you, [Amber]. You have broken us but we would like to become friends at some point in time, I believe I have the ability to do it, despite my loss. God is good. That is why I want to do this.”

don’t even get me started on the judge.
she’s gonna also hug and give her personal bible:


Did I wake up in an alternate universe?

i had to ask myself if the males in this family loved botham?
the mother is the only one going hard.
if the tables were turned,
and botham killed amber,
he would have been in jail for 1900 years.
there would be no hugs and “let’s be friends” from her family.
they would have been calling for his execution.

This is all very weird.

many of us on social media can’t bring ourselves to this level of forgiveness.
some black folks are too forgiving to those who violate us.
many will excuse bad behavior from other races,
but will roast TF out of our own.
it’s that church behavior that pretty much ruins us.
they’ll forgive a stone cold murderer,
but will never forgive their own children for being gay.
let me say it on the loud speaker:

Church folks will forgive all kinds of trash,
but the moment one of their kids is gay,
they’ll be the first to abuse and then throw them out in the streets.

“I’ll never forgive him/her for being gay!” – they say.

where is this same forgiving energy for trump and his band of hyenas?
it’s all fuckin’ ridiculous to me.
 i legit hate everything right now.

lowkey: i feel like religion was one of the worst things to happen to black folks.

article cc: nbc

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “did this family even love botham jean because they movin’ so sketchy”

  1. My soul is weary. Heard people saying that Carribbeans are deeply religious and forgiveness is important. That’s a lie. Then you have the divisive Blacks saying his family is benefiting from the Civil Rights Movement, as if they’re not Black, basically wanting a wall against non-American born Black people. And the delusional Christians saying it’s beautiful.

    This reminds me of the mother forcing her son to apologize to the ugly white woman who lied and said he grabbed her butt.

    This is why we cannot get ahead. We excuse everything White people do. I’ve actually heard black people say “She made an honest mistake”.

    As if we aren’t already maligned. We are a joke to other races. I don’t want to hear anything else about Black lives mattering. The disgusting, betrayal and cooning sickens me to my core.

    1. what’s with the sly attack on Black lives matter. Do you realize that you just typed “I don’t want to hear anything else about Black lives mattering?”

      1. Also your argument doesn’t even make sense in your narrative. Black people didn’t murder him a white police officer killed a Black man for doing nothing except for being Black, which is exactly what Black Lives Matter is fighting. Black people are not a joke to other races, and if they are they certainly want to be in on that “joke,” as they constantly emulate and steal from us every chance they get.

      2. Two reasons: 1-His life doesn’t seem to matter to his family 2- Black people are supporting this coonery and buffoonery.

  2. Its about that cash settlement they going to get from the city..bro hugging the murderess because he knows in a few months he can quit working. ( sorry feeling petty and pissed)
    Seeing that picture makes me want to take my phone and go full tilt Naomi Campbell upside his head.
    First Aunt Jemima fixing her hair then this fool hugging this heffa who will be out in five years on good behavior but boy boy gone till the day of resurrection.

    1. This is low-key a tasteless comment. After being dragged through all this suffering for a year AND losing their son/brother you’re accusing them of anticipating a windfall.

      That’s not right.

  3. I’m only going to input 2 things…

    1) Black people are not a monolith. Narrowing it down, African Americans are not a monolith. We all have the right to be free to decide our own reactions and philosophies on forgiveness.

    I don’t get how if the family, judge whoever wants to hug, forgive, etc. then why do fellow African Americans insert themselves as if they are the ones giving the hugs.

    Which leads into…

    2) Do any of us know Bo? Many of us are picking up his entire life from what is being presented to us through the media and acting like you were all besties.

    His family that grew up with him and raised him have a far better understanding of his character and how he lived his life and operated on principles on forgiveness. If the brother is saying it’s how he would have wanted us to treat them why would we question it or feel like he is selling out? He grew up with him and knows EXACTLY how his brother would have behaved if the circumstances were reversed. If the family of Bo, the REAL LIVING VICTIMS, are able to hug his murderer and ask for forgiveness then why can’t we follow their example instead of acting like we lost someone close to us.

    Support the family, support their wishes and hope that Amber learns from this. Hope that all trigger happy cops learn from this.

    Also, I love this blog and refresh multiple times a day, but bringing up the “gay” issue when it has NOTHING to do with this story just seems kinda like an unnecessary whatabout-ism that detracts from what is actually going on.

    For all we know, his family is tolerant and loving of gay people. And if we were talking about black christian people in general, that doesn’t have anything to do with this case or its outcome. These guys are preaching a whole other message about forgiveness. Let’s not derail what happened here with hypotheticals about LGBTQ rights in the black community. Save that for a different, appropriate instance.

    1. Uhhh his family is black, very religious and from the Caribbean…. yea I HIGHLY DOUBT they’re “tolerant” and “loving” of gays you sound stupid bro!!!
      These same black christians that’ll forgive & hug a white girl for killing their child will be the same “christians” judging, being disgusted by, & condeming us gays to hell
      GET A CLUE!!

      1. …My family is black, religious and from the Caribbean. Surprise that they don’t have a problem with me being gay. Same goes for my church and it’s a couple of small islands where hardly anyone (and I mean hardly anyone) has an issue with me or anyone I know that’s gay for that matter.

        Plenty of people I know are like this. Try not to feed into the stereotypes. Yeah there are instances of intolerance but that is everywhere, regardless of religion or nationality.

        And again, do we even know if his family is like that? Why are we even painting that picture of them?

        1. Okay sir keep living in your bubble!!
          I’m so confused by gay “christians” doesn’t your “good book” & that narcissist you all worship tell us we’re going to hell 🤔🤔

          1. @Kevin

            I grew up in the church, and I’m away from the church now that I’m in college. I’m not a fervent practitioner of my religion. I don’t really have an opinion of it- if I care at all for it.

            Regardless, I love and respect the people I grew up with in the church even though I don’t have much of a longing for it and it did very well in teaching me and other youths leadership, public speaking, and just generally getting involved and I will always appreciate it for that.

            I hope i’m not too presumptuous but I’m sensing there is stuff to unpack here. So if you ever want to talk to anyone about your experiences with the church, organized religion, or just to tell someone whatever is wrong with your day, etc. Feel free to email me.


            Seriously, no judgement here.

        2. That is very possible. I do have a question though. Can you or have you held your lover’s hand in that church?

  4. Please dont get distracted. Christians are supposed to forgive. Forgiveness also is not for the one who does us wrong. Forgiveness us for the family so they dont let anger and hate others. If they dont find a way to deal with their hurt and anger, they will stay in a brokenand hurtful place . The real issue is this justice system is fucked. The jury shouldve given her more jail time.

  5. Come one J, you preaching this sermon!!!! You better tell ’em! I want to say this. Whatever the family needs to heal, can’t nobody take that from them, regardless how we feel about the outcome. They deserve to heal the only way they know how and that’s forgiveness. Everybody else, open game. If that was me, I would pray for forgiveness so I can sleep better at night but I would also pray that the judge follow the law and not their heart. Too many times the law has failed for Justice for situations like this. Laquan McDonald was shot a killed 16 times while his back was turned and all his killer got was 7 years. Botham Jean was killed in his own apartment all because a white woman was scared a black man was in her apartment. First thing, when I walk in my own apartment if something is out of place, I’m looking to see if this is my apartment again. In the court documents, there was not one thing that resembled her apartment in his apartment. None of the furniture nor similarities. If he responds and says this is my apartment, where is the danger. The man was eating ice cream on his couch. She shot to kill. Even her own job determined she was negligent. All the fucking signs of she knew what she was doing when she killed him was there! A warning shot is shooting the wall towards the sky. She even filed a report saying he was in her apartment but they found him in his apartment. She gets 10 years. Meanwhile a man who shot and killed a fucking police dog got 45 years! If somebody get to her in jail, that ain’t nobody but GOD! She literally just got away with murder.

  6. For those who don’t know her, I highly recommend watching Dr. Joy Degruy and her theory of Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome on YouTube. It’ll make sense the behavior exhibited by the judge, the female security, and Botham’s brother…

  7. Chile somebody on twitter said “Not with the Judge giving her a mammie titty to lay on” 💀💀💀💀 I been rolling since, but yeah I almost feel like this shit is STAGED it’s just too damn convenient, this white women KILLED a man in HIS apartment and they givin her the damn 5 star court treatment, bitch gets hugs & friendship, 🗣DO YOU THINK SHE WANNA BE YO FUCKIN FRIEND IF SHE AINT GET CAUGHT!?! That bitch would still be fuckin the man she was tryna to a few days after, while y’all was plannin funeral arrangements!!! You can forgive but damn baby don’t be foolish! she knew the power of white women tears and y’all just reassuring how powerful they are!!!

  8. As a Christian, I think it’s wonderful to forgive. Loving one’s family and friends does not mean you can’t forgive for misdeeds and heinous crimes die against. Believers in Jesus must obey what he says, and He commands all his followers to forgive and to turn the other cheek. The fact that so many so-called Christians fail to obey Christ’s command to forgive and turn the other cheek does not vitiate the supreme Commands of Jesus. The issue of obeying Jesus is not about loving one’s family members; it’s about whether one loves Jesus more than all else. Jesus loves us more than anyone, yet He modeled the ultimate forgiveness and commands us to do the same. I don’t care what the world and others do: the point is to obey And please Jesus.

    1. But God, who overrules Jesus, said Eye for Eye. God most definitely did not forgive Pharoah, to the point that he took his child, who didn’t even do anything.

  9. So, a couple of things. First, I think people are getting the concept of forgiveness from a religious perspective wrong and in full disclosure I am not a theologian , but in order to be forgiven one must first confess their sins and then ask for forgiveness, and correct me if I’m wrong but none of that happened in the Amber Guyger case. By definition she didn’t confess to her crimes or took any real responsibility or accountability hence her not guilty plea; she was found guilty by a jury, and I don’t think she asked for forgiveness for what she had done. I think something else that needs to be discussed if we’re to be honest is the fact that if we as Christians are reading from the same bible then why is there this difference in the way that black people are expected to forgive instantly any transgression but the same expectation isn’t held for white people.

    Nobody wants to outright say it but Amber is a vile human being who is a racist who exchange racist messages with coworkers who shared her same beliefs, she joked about and openly welcomed violence, she was part of an elite crime fighting unit. She thought she was Billy bad ass, someone not to be messed with. The sad truth is once Amber sprang into action Botham never had a chance, he was never going to be treated like a human being or given the benefit of the doubt honestly had Botham not been black that trigger probably doesn’t even get pulled. Then once the mistake is realized does she administer aid to Botham, no she’s on the phone worried about her job and texting the married man that she was having an affair with, which also speaks to her character as well. She totally tried to use racial tropes and stereotypes by painting Botham to be the big scary black man and herself as the recently dyed blonde haired white woman who would naturally be scared of Botham despite her years of training and experience in dangerous situations. As much as this is Ambers conviction to bear, its also an indictment of her friends and family who enabled her racism, it’s an indictment on that police department and her fellow officers who also engaged in inappropriate behavior and messages which should warrant an investigation.

    1. Aye man get out my head. That was my take away from with a few other things. One thing I can say about this trial is that this they would never have allowed a white male to be in all honesty destroyed like they did this white woman. They white folks around her all abandoned her and left the wolves. This case in particular all the people around it are something that is gonna be talked about for a long time. Plus you see how they are dragging that judge they have filed paperwork on for giving that girl a bible and hugging her. I am so sorry forgiveness is cool praying for someb2 is ok but I wil not nor will I ever hug you after you hugged my love one. They judge jeopardized her postion the bailiff Did the same. Do you gotdamn job. That’s it that’s all.

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